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A very real and honest post.

Some are only your friends when it's convenient or beneficial for them to be...then when it is not, they're no longer your friends, or they will throw you "under the bus" with others. This past season has been one where the Lord was exposing those in many of our lives, to purge and clear them out. 🔥

Now is not a season for fairweather friends, but true, loyal and honoring friends, who are with you through the thick and the thin. Friends who have your back, even when you're not around, and wouldn't allow you to be disrespected without saying something. Those who truly know you, know your character, what you're called to, and love you in spite of your weaknesses and flaws. These kinds of friends are treasures.

Below is a link to a previously released word that I believe is even more for this season than it was when I released it in 2018. What I didn't know when I released this word, is that the very things the Lord had me declaring were getting ready to happen to Darin and I, on a monumental scale, in a very real and hard/painful way... betrayals, backstabbing, people we thought were true friends and comrades in ministry being exposed for platform/attention seekers, "microphone" grabbers, and promoters who had selfish ambition, and were actually jealous of us all along. They were or became compromised along the way, and fell for inticing things, even if meant betraying us to get it. It was rough guys, no lie. We've been lied about and slandered beyond what most could imagine, and some others believed them without actually even asking our side of the story. We've lost a lot of relationships over the last few years. It has been hurtful, awful and heartbreaking! Some of these were supposed close friends/peers, and even some who were supposed to be our "leaders". 💔😥

But you know what else God did? In the midst of the purging and exposing of those with wrong motives and intentions, the Lord also did the rest of what I shared in this word. He brought some amazing friends who did not have those motives, those who have been true Jonathans, and who have loved us and supported us...and He's forming even more of those as we speak. It has been a wonderful, redemptive and healing thing. 🙏🏻💖

So, I declare that as the Lord purges the Sauls out of your life, as He purges those with selfish ambition, jealousy, and impure motives, He is also bringing the Jonathans...the true, loyal, and good friends, who will be there for you and support you through the good times and the bad. He is causing the enemy to give back, seven times what He has stolen, in relationships, time and what you'll be able to get done in the Kingdom now! Let the healing begin...don't stay stuck in the past of hurt and betrayal. I understand you're have a right to be, but God is going to confirm to you that these people are not like the ones before. Their motives are pure and right, and they have your best interest at heart. They are true friends, and they simply want true and good friends in return. Allow healing to come from this. The Lord is aligning many in this season who will do great exploits for His Kingdom, and they do not have selfish ambition or motives...they want what He wants. IT IS TIME!! 🕑 👑💞

In Him,

Amanda Shiflett ~ Prophetic Reformer

Excerpt from previously released word:

"David was loyal, but His loyalty was treated with disdain and harbored jealousy. Be careful who you give your trust and devotion to, even those in so called "leadership" ...not everyone is as loyal a friend as you are. If their words and actions don't line up, be aware, you may have trusted too quickly, or they may have become compromised along the way.

The Lord is taking these kinds of friends out of your life in this season. He is showing peoples hearts, and exposing their true motives. Don't be discouraged...He is also going to replace them with the right people that He wants in your life, who's motives are pure, and they have your best interest at heart. Don't lose faith, and know that there are still some with pure and righteous motives, and they will stand by you and be a true friend, through the thick and the thin. Let the others go, and see who the Lord brings into your life. Many times, it was a test anyway.

Like've had your brothers stand against you, and even your Sauls, but He's bringing some Jonathans into your life, who would lay down his life for you if necessary. He's bringing those into your life, that will be loyal and true, as you are, and have a pure heart towards you. They will stand by you, and be loyal friends to you when no one else will. Don't give up on true friends..they are out there! Pray that the Lord will give you discernment to know...who is a Saul, and who is a Jonathan! #TrueFriends  #TrueCompanions  #TimeForJonathan"

Click HERE to read this full word I released then.

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