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Sometimes you are a friend to those who are not truly a friend to least not in the same way. You would promote them, but they would not promote you. You would be there for them no matter what, and stand up for them when others would attempt to defame or criticize them...but they don't even really want to be associated with you in public. You like almost everything they post on social media, but they rarely like anything you share. You wonder why? Most likely it is for fear that others that are against you will see. They want to keep a safe distance. Why? Because it may cost them something. Or perhaps it is simply jealousy...or both? They say they are friends and love you in private, but behind your back, they say nothing when others speak against you, or worse they join them. These people are friends, as long as you can do something for them, or as long as you can benefit them in some way, but truly, they are only "fair-weather" friends. There is an underlying jealousy that is always there. It is all a question of motive...why did they want to be friends with you, or draw you close in the first place? Is it mutual respect and true care, or because it can benefit them in some way? Some will turn away from you the moment that storms hit. Some will even betray you. This is especially true for those in ministry, in any capacity. Many have impure motives. David dealt with this...and so did Jesus. David did nothing to deserve the distrust and jealousy that Saul had against him, but it was there nonetheless. David was loyal, but His loyalty was treated with disdain and harbored jealousy. Be careful who you give your trust and devotion to, even those in so called "leadership" ...not everyone is as loyal a friend as you are. If their words and actions don't line up, be aware, you may have trusted too quickly, or they may have become compromised along the way. The Lord is taking these kinds of friends out of your life in this season. He is showing peoples hearts, and exposing their true motives. Don't be discouraged...He is also going to replace them with the right people that He wants in your life, who's motives are pure, and they have your best interest at heart. Don't lose faith, and know that there are still some with pure and righteous motives, and they will stand by you and be a true friend, through the thick and the thin. Let the others go, and see who the Lord brings into your life. Many times, it was a test anyway. 😏👍 Like've had your brothers stand against you, and even your Sauls, but He's bringing some Jonathans into your life, who would lay down his life for you if necessary. He's bringing those into your life, that will be loyal and true, as you are, and have a pure heart towards you. They will stand by you, and be loyal friends to you when no one else will. Don't give up on true friends..they are out there! Pray that the Lord will give you discernment to know...who is a Saul, and who is a Jonathan! 🙏 #TrueFriends #TrueCompanions #TimeForJonathan  

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