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As we come through this week of Passover, may we also remember, that this is where our God provides a "Goshen" when all hell is breaking out around us (expect that God will provide for you no matter what happens in the world)! #TrustHim #HeWillMakeAWay #KeepYourEyesOnHim #StayFocused 👀

✨️This is a time where we walk across the sea that should have drowned us on dry ground, with the sea wall on either side of us... we're passing over and coming out!

✨️ This is a time that we begin to come out of that which has kept us bound, kept us down, kept us from our God-given destiny (just like the children of Israel coming out of Egypt) #ComingOut #CrossingOver #TimeForDestiny

✨️ This is a time where miracles are seen...parting the sea, wall of fire around us, God's provision and protection.🛡 #Psalm91

✨️ This is a time where you begin to know Your God like never El Shaddai, the Almighty God, the God that is MORE THAN ENOUGH! #ElShaddai #AlmightyGod

✨️ This is a time we remember and celebrate the reason for all of these amazing miracles, and the reason we trust Him... BECAUSE He made a covenant with us!🐑🩸 #GodOfCovenant #PassoverLamb #HeavensLamb #UltimateSacrifice

He made a covenant, and He will keep that which is committed to Him! He made a covenant, not just with the blood of any lamb...but with the blood of the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world!

And because He made a covenant that we have received...because He Himself paid the price for that covenant, we have access to all of the benefits, all of the protection, all of the provisions that come with that covenant with the Almighty God!! 👑 #HeMadeAWay #HeOvercame #NewCovenant #KingOfKings

Worthy is our God! Worthy is the Lamb that was create a New Covenant!! Not only was He slain, but He arose...victorious over death, hell, and the grave! #ChristArose #HeIsRisenIndeed #Hallelujah #HeisSeated


Many may remember that I released a word at Rosh Hashanah last Fall that it was actually a Jubilee Year. (I'll post that word in the comments). Historically speaking, this is actually a Jubilee Year, and this is the 70th Jubilee since Joshua came into the promised land!

Well, I don't know about you, but since Fall of last year when I released that word, it has felt like anything BUT a Jubilee Year for us... the warring and push back has went to another level! 🙅‍♀️😓🤦‍♀️🙏 #HelpUsLord

I was asking the Lord about that the last few weeks, and just last night I feel I received my answer as to "why?"....

He reminded me of something I had read before. The shofar announcing the Jubilee Year is actually blown at the Head of the Year during the Fall Feasts...but that is just to declare and let them know that they were coming into a Jubilee in the next season, so that they could prepare for it. Jubilee actually did not begin until Passover. I am assuming that was to give the people time to prepare for the releasing of their slaves, recompense, and restoring things back that would take place in the Spring at Passsover.

It would make sense also, as this is the time at Passover, when the Israelites were released from slavery, and they also received much recompense and restoration in what they took with them. In my studies, I have not been able to find out why they did it this way (blowing the Shofar in the Fall and then Jubilee not beginning until Spring) so I can only assume.

Now, if someone has better information than I do, then I would love to hear about it. But I do feel as if this is what the Lord was showing me over the weekend. It was as if He was saying, "Don't give up on the Jubilee time, it is coming!"

As much as there is craziness and chaos coming in many ways, I believe for many of God's people, there is a Jubilee time of recompense and restoration that is now at hand! I don't say this just to have something to post, but I truly believe this...for us and many others! #LordLetItCome 🙏✨️🙌❤️‍🩹

I pray this is a wonderous Passover & Jubliee season for us all, where over the next week we "Pass Over" from death into every area of our lives! 🕊 #PrepareYourself #PassingOverToTheNext #JubileeSeason #TimesAndSeasons

In Him,

Amanda Shiflett ~ Prophetic Reformer

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