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I know, I know...they already won a few years ago! But I have to believe that the Chiefs winning again is a sign...especially, since it was declared that when they win it would signal the coming revival! And the fact that they won, on the week when revival is actually breaking out in several places in our nation...not a coincidence! I believe it is time!! ⌛🔥 #BestOfTimes #WorstOfTimes #RevivalFires

Did you know that in the same year (1970) that the revival came to Asbury, which was the catalyst of the Jesus Movement...the Kansas City Chiefs won that Superbowl then also. You can't make me believe this is a coincidence!

Many have said that the Asbury Revival was the one that sparked the Jesus Movement in 1970. I am believing this is a spark as well, and as many of us have seen and prophesied, there will be many other "fires" of awakening and revival that will begin to blaze in many places around the nation, and yes even the world!🔥

Of course, what makes this (Chiefs winning) so very prophetic, is that it was prophesied that revival would coincide with them winning. Also, I don't believe it is a coincidence that the Jesus Revolution movie is set to be released next week, which speaks of this exact time when the movement was sweeping the nation back in the 70's. #Issachar #TimesAndSeasons⌛

Oh Jesus, we've waited so's as if we were in a dry and barren land where no water is! HOLY SPIRIT RAIN DOWN!!! LET YOUR FIRE FALL!! 🌧💧🔥 #RevivalFires #Awakening2023

In prayer & preparation,

Amanda Shiflett ~ Prophetic Reformer

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