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If you are a Pastor or leader, please pray into if the Lord would have you to become a "Center of Refuge" for the season that is ahead. If you attend a church and are close with the Pastor(s), perhaps mention this to them if you feel they would be open, and are somewhat aware of what is coming. 🙏🏻🔥

It is time for the Church of Jesus Christ to be the ones who are able and prepared to help in disaster, and be ready to become these "Centers of Refuge" in times of trouble or crises. This is a phrase the Lord gave me (in 2018) in regards to what He will be raising many up to do in different regions during this time. The will provide for food, supplies, and spiritual needs as well. #ThisIsKingdom 👑🥖

Apostles, Pastors, God calling you to become a "Center of Refuge" or help be a part of a "City of Refuge" for your area or region? Make sure to listen to His voice in this. Many are being called to this in this hour. If you have felt led to do something like this, but need help with what they may look like, contact us.

I suggest bodies of believers to prepare with an emergency plan for their fellowship if at all possible, and with things that are needed in the a case of a disaster or food shortage (this is coming). It would be wonderful if you have the ability to prepare for more than your community, as it will be needed, and this will be a great way to share the gospel during that time. If you aren't able to do that as a church, at least bring people in to help teach your people how to prepare for the coming days. I know of multiple churches throughout the U.S. that are doing this. Now is the time, and there is no time to waste. #CentersOfRefuge #CitiesOfRefuge

With what is coming, the world is going to be looking for answers…and we need to have them! Yes, answers for salvation, answers for their soul to be saved…but more! We need to know what time it is, and not be in fear, but be prepared for what is coming. We need to be walking in such faith, and trust in Him, that nothing can move us. Though the mountains be moved and cast into the sea…I will not be moved! 🧍‍♂️🧍‍♀️ 🏔️🌋" #Psalm46

Excerpt from word, "The Best of Times and the Worst Of Times", 2018. Click HERE to read this entire word.

Amanda Shiflett ~ Prophetic Reformer

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