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You CANNOT make this up! #LionsAndEagles #ApostlesAndProphets

You CANNOT make this up! 🦁🦅😯 #LionsAndEagles #ApostlesAndProphets

We were in closed meetings with several couples this weekend, and the Lord prophetically began to speak to me about "Apostolic Chiefs", and also about eagles, which He confirmed through several different things. I remembered the word previously that was released by Bob Jones about the Apostolic Chiefs winning the Superbowl and what it meant, and this artwork that our friend James Nesbit did. (That word was fulfilled in 2020 when they won against most all odds). I hadn't thought of it in years honestly, and wasn't completely sure why He was showing me this, except specifically for our friend we were with, who I believe the Lord is wanting to function in that.

I had not, however, seen or heard of the other word/prophetic art that he had released about the "Leagles" (lion and eagles), until I looked up the Apostolic Chiefs art last night and saw both! This one spoke of the apostolic and prophetic coming together, and even some who are hybrids and function in a measure of both, who will be arising and functioning in this era. Notice the native headress on both pictures, representing the "chiefs".

I have not been keeping up with anything regarding the NFL, who was playing, or who might be going to the superbowl...

So I had no idea until just now who was playing.

The Eagles won earlier today, and I just found out the Chiefs won their game, so they will now both be going to the Superbowl! The Chiefs and the Eagles!

Now...this has nothing to do with football, and no I don't really follow or even like the NFL, or what they stand for...BUT God can speak through anything, and often does. It doesn't even really matter who wins. This is simply too much to be a coincidence, and this is about something much bigger than only our friend.

I'm telling you, if I know anything prophetically, this is a sign of what God is doing, and who/what will be functioning and arising in this hour! Foundations are being laid for the new wineskin, and the new wine is getting ready to be poured out in amazing levels...we will see this happen very much so, where we see the apostolic and prophetic working together! #Hybrids #FiveFold #Foundations

There is much more to the "Apostolic Chiefs" and their role in this era, and Darin and myself will be examining the role and impact that they will play in the long awaited #restoration, #reformation, and #transformation that are soon coming! Be on the lookout for more that we will release on this soon.

In prayer & preparation,

Amanda Shiflett ~ Prophetic Reformer

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