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Once again, this one is probably going to step on some toes. 👣 Long post, but this one has been coming for a while. I need to address a few things. 😬😉

Excerpt from "The Best Of Times, and The Worst of Times" word, released July 2018.👇

"With what is coming, the world is going to be looking for answers…and we need to have them! Yes, answers for salvation, answers for their souls to be saved…but more! We need to know what time it is, and not be in fear, but be prepared for what is coming. We need to be walking in such faith, and trust in Him, that nothing can move us. Though the mountains be moved and cast into the sea…I will not be moved!🌪🏔️🌋⚠️🦠⚔🛡👩🏼‍🤝‍👨🏻" -End of quote

Can I say this without being too harsh...

I feel the last 2 years have shown us that we, overall in the body of Christ, are not really there! Not even in our "faith-filled", "spirit-filled", "prophetic/apostolic" sector of Christianity. I for one, have been shocked to see how much we really are not as much a people of faith as we thought we were...some are, but most are not. Most are filled with fear, and make many of their decisions based on fear. I understand now why the Lord told me almost 3 years ago, to release again and again what was coming...because His people "were not ready", as He told me then.😔

Have we learned anything? Are we more prepared to step out and stand in faith? Or are we even more afraid than we were before?

"Then the Lord said, 'Hear what the unjust judge said. And shall God not avenge His own elect who cry out day and night to Him, though He bears long with them? I tell you that He will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will He really find faith on the earth?'” - Luke 18:6‭-‬8

Can I tell you something?? It isn't over... 😏

I mean, we may be through round 1 or 2, but we have several more rounds to go, and things are still not at the "peak" regarding "The Worst of Times" that He told me was coming. (Yes, the book is still in the works, and hoping to have it finalized very soon😉📖...finally!)

Now, we can still become a people of faith! If you've been filled with fear over this last 2 years, if you've gotten into a place of being disheartened and disappointed by the state of where many are, and even where you are, can I encourage you to find a group of true faith-filled believers to hang out/around and fellowship with? You need them to help pull you, and your faith, up to another level. Also, get in prayer and in His word, and ask Him to fill you with faith!

Trust me, you're going to need it even more this year, and going forward over the next few years.

I am not trying to bring fear, any more than I was when I first released this in 2018... but hopefully many have realized now that it is better to know that difficult times are coming before they come, than after they are already here.


I am also not trying to be mean, rude, or disrespectful at all, so please know that, when I say the following statement to leaders and up-and-coming leaders in the body, regardless of function (apostles, prophets, pastors, etc.): 🤨👇

~ It is not time for church as usual, bible study as usual, only good pep-talk sermons, broadcasts, articles, books or podcasts. Prophets, it is not time for ONLY pep-talk, "good things are coming your way" prophecies. That all was maybe okay a couple of years ago, and maybe they were somewhat helpful. But we desperately need leaders speaking truth, giving deeper revelations (not pseudo-spiritual mumbo jumbo disguised as revelation😏), of where we are and what is coming.

I'm not saying that is me alone, as I know it is not. I have my part and I am trying to do it. That is part of the reason I have been quieter and more selective of what I have released and shared in this last year. It is not time to be releasing or sharing things just to have something to share, or going to minister just to be ministering. I have mostly been sharing things that He has already given me previously, and reiterating what I know the Lord has already said, when I felt it was needed. Otherwise, I have released very little prophetically this year, overall. We need to know when to talk, and when to be quiet...when to release, and when to hold...when to preach/prophecy, and when to admit ~ "I just don't know, and I'm going to sit down, be quiet and seek the Lord until I am clear!" 😐

I also want to say this, and some may feel I am being harsh, but I feel it must be said, and please know I say this with all love & kindness... 👇

~ Many who have begun ministries over the last 2 years, or who are trying to do more ministry in this time, are going to be sat down quickly very soon. Why? Because although what they have to say/ do may be "good", and even biblical, it is not "God", or it is not God right now.

~ Many (not all) who are trying to be leaders, or lead their own ministry in this time (who I would call up-and-coming leaders), actually still need to be serving someone else (or in an assist role in ministry), assisting someone else who is more equipped/more mature in ministry, and who knows where we are, and is trying to help prepare the body. For lack of a better term, and to help explain in a way some maybe can understand better ~ it is time for some to be the "associate" leader/pastor/whatever, instead of starting their own or being a leader on their own. Now is not the time, and this is not the hour. If may have been okay if you were doing this a couple of years ago, but not now. I say this for their own good.

~ Many who do not sit themselves down, or tuck up under a more experienced/mature leader, will not make it through in ministry in this next level of stripping/purifying that is coming. There was a stripping that happened in 2020/2021, but this next will be even more intense. I'm not saying they won't ever do ministry again, but it will be some time, and they will actually be disheartened to do any ministry for some time. It will be more difficult for them than if they had stepped down, and helped/served with another leader in ministry.

Hear me...I'm not saying they shouldn't be serving in the body at all, I'm simply saying they are not mature and seasoned enough to be serving in their own ministry, or as a leader by themselves. In the hour we are in, it can actually be dangerous for them to do so.

We need mature, seasoned, leaders who know what time it is, and have the wisdom and understanding necessary to lead. Many think they do, but they do not. Spit-fire and grit will only get you so far. Many up-and-coming leaders have fire & gumption, but lack wisdom, discernment, and understanding of many things...actually things they don't even know that they don't know. 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

In times of war, you want your most seasoned leaders heading the charge onto the battlefield. In case you don't know this, or haven't noticed, we are in a time of war...a war unlike we have ever seen, nor even the generation before us has seen. Now is not the time to let the rookies lead us onto the battlefield, or trust the newest privates with those who have only been enlisted for a year themselves. In this war, they will need to be trained by the best, by the most experienced, if we want them to make it through, and win! ⚔🛡

So with all kindness and love in my heart, I'm asking for many young "leaders" to consider stepping down from their own ministry for a time, and asking them to come under and alongside those who have been doing this much longer, and with more training than they have, and help these seasoned leaders in equipping the body for the intense season we are in. Let me assure you, you will be very glad you did in the coming months and years. It may actually mean saving your life and the lives of those you may potentially lead. I can say this, because I myself had to serve other leaders/ministers for years before having our own.


There is much more coming than what we have seen, and much of it will be difficult. I just don't think we have understood overall, even in the body of Christ, that life as we know it is not going back to "normal", for a very long time, if ever. It may somewhat, but there will eventually be a new "normal" that we will live in. Picture the difference in what "normal" was before WW2, and what "normal" was after WW2.

The good news is...we are also barely on the precipice of seeing "The Best of Times" that's coming! We have not seen anything close to the level of Glory that will be manifested, even while the darkness is growing darker! There is truly nothing to fear, when you are walking and living in His light and Glory! #Isaiah60 🕯✨

It is time to get serious...either we are God's people, and we trust Him, or we do not. Either we walk by fear, or we walk by faith!

As I said in 2018, and many times since then...and hopefully you will believe me now, we are now in a Psalm 46 time, and we must be a people of #Psalm46! #PrayAndPrepare #TimeToTrustHim #BestOfTimes #WorstOfTimes #ThingsINeededToAddress

Click below to read the full article of "The Best of Times, and The Worst of Times" I released in 2018...and be on the lookout for the book release coming soon, I promise! 😉📖✍

Hidden in Him,

Amanda Shiflett ~ Prophetic Reformer

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