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Here's what I sensed earlier this week during prayer ~


We are currently in a bit of a "lull" as it were, the "calm before the storm" moment...if you can call what has been happening a "calm" at all. 😏 BUT it will be considered calm compared to what is up ahead over the next several months. I DO NOT say that to bring fear, but a readiness and awareness. It is time to stand in faith, and know that our God is with us!


I have had the sense that this will be one of the most significant Decembers in our history. I have sensed in my spirit a comparison to 2 dates:

- December 1777, when Gen. Washington & his troops were at Valley Forge and...

- December 1941, which is when America entered WWII.

Just as then, there is much happening that will shift this country forever! Warriors continue in prayer...and #HoldTheLine!🙏🎄This will truly be a #DecemberToRemember!

Here's something my husband, Darin, shared when he saw this picture and post. I thought it was so good, I wanted to share it also...👇

"Some may see this background photo to contain decorative hanging Christmas ornaments, but I immediately saw the one on the right as a Holiday Plumb Line!

I agree with you on this post and furthermore declare that what we encounter this month will establish the measure by which we all examine who we are in Christ, where were are going, and what we are doing to be more like Him. May the holy plumb line of the season show us the true meaning of self-control, serving, and sanctification."

I'm asking the Lord to strengthen His people during this time...that their faith may not falter or waiver!🙏🛡

In prayer,

Amanda Shiflett - Prophetic Reformer

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