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Updated: Apr 25, 2020

#BestOfTimes #WorstOfTimes #PrayAndPrepare #COVID19 #ChangeInReality I can assure you of this - regardless of how it happened, how bad it really is, how much is hype, or how long it lasts...everything will change after this virus "pandemic". Everything. It's like after 911. People see things differently, they respond differently, and they begin to get a clue that this kind of thing CAN actually happen, regardless of how or why. Many are being awakened to a new reality of life, what is really important, and the fact that we live in a world that can change drastically in just a few days, or even hours. The Lord is giving us more time for His people to prepare, both naturally and spiritually, for what is coming. Excerpts from "The Best of Times, & The Worst of Times" word, released July 2018... "Just because it is a certain way currently, and has been that way for quite some time, does not mean it will always be that way. In our western culture, we have no concept of understanding what life can be like when things suddenly become very difficult. The “worst of times” that is coming to the earth will be things that we, as Americans, are not used to, and have not seen in a very long time if ever. It will be things that most places in Europe have not seen for a very long time. Other places on the earth have seen some of these types of things more, but not to the level of what will be. There will be much warring in the heavens, and many things that will be revealed in the natural that we have not known of." #WarInTheHeavenlies #ShakingInTheEarth ⚔️ 🌎🙏🏻📦 

WHEN GOD CONFIRMS HIS WORD I've heard or seen others use the word "unprecedented" in regards to what is happening, probably 20 times in the last few days. Someone also sent me a message saying they heard Hannity say "It's The Best of Times, and It's The Worst of Times". You can't make this stuff up! 😉👇 "There will be other historic and unprecedented storms, disasters, and events that will happen in different places in the earth." - Excerpt from "Best of Times, Worst of Times" word, July 2018 NOW, Please listen to me... There are other "unprecedented" things coming this year, some perhaps overlapping what is currently happening with COVID-19. The enemy is hitting hard, and he's going to be hitting with numerous strikes. I have sensed a scenario of "one after the other", as well as some of these events overlapping each other. It is time to be prayed up and be prepared.

TORNADO "OUTBREAKS" I have sensed major tornado "outbreaks" (several in one region) here in the U.S. during this spring and summer, specifically for the southern part of the U.S. The "tornado outbreaks" will be many breaking out in one region in one day. I am sensing the need to pray against this strongly, and for God's people to stand in authority over their neighborhoods, cities, and regions. I do feel much of this can be shifted, or at the least diminished by the prayers of the saints! MAJOR HURRICANES

I have also seen several major hurricanes that will try to form, both in the Gulf and on the Atlantic side. We need to pray against damage, and especially immense flooding from these.

I have gotten the sense that some Hurricanes will spawn many tornadoes, and that some hurricane and tornado activity will be again "one after the other". DREAM OF FLOODING 

I had a dream this last week of major flooding. It was at my ankles one minute, and then at my thighs the next. Yes...I know, I know.😉 Ezekiel and the River coming from the temple. Did this dream signify ONLY amazing Glory coming in the spirit? I believe it is coming... HOWEVER...what I felt in the dream was a sense of urgency to run to higher ground, and that there was danger. I take much note of how I feel and what I sense in my dreams. I know when the Lord is giving me something as a warning. This was something to warn about. Could it be both...a flooding in the natural, and that signifying an outpouring and flooding in the spiritual? Absolutely! I do believe we are on the precipice of great outpourings of the Spirit in many locations, just as many have been praying for! Many times, the natural mirrors what is happening in the spiritual...BUT that doesn't mean we shouldn't be prepared in the natural for what is coming. It the Lord has told me, that we need to be prepared for both! This is our finest hour people of God! As the darkness grows darker...our light will shine brighter! 🕯🔥🙌🏻 Let's pray against damaging flooding, both here in the U.S. and in other parts of the world, and that the Lord will release strategies for His people, regarding how to prepare, and on what to do in the situations that are coming! 🙏🏻 Pay attention when the Lord gives you dreams or senses about these things, and how He would have you to intercede to stop or reduce damage in your region! Remember to apply the blood, and know your authority! ❣⚔ It is time...for the manifestation of the Sons and Daughters of God in the earth! 🌏🌎🌪🌀🌊🙏🏻✋ In prayer, Amanda Shiflett - Prophetic Reformer 

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