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WINTER STORM EZEKIEL AND THE COMING GLORY! 🌨❄🔥 I do not believe it is a coincidence that a major winter storm named "Ezekiel" caused so much snow and upset here in the U.S. over the last week and a half. This spoke to me in a major way, and I knew it had prophetic implications. No, not everything has prophetic implications, but yes some things do. 😉 You see, I have been studying in the book of Ezekiel for the last 4 years, after several words came to me from others about Ezekiel. So I began to ask the Lord what this may mean for the nation. Although these storms are named far in advance, and those naming them may think they mean nothing, they can many times be a sign from God of what He is doing in the earth, and He knows exactly when that storm will come about to speak His message. Remember, He sets the times, and knows the end before the beginning! 🕛⏳ I believe this storm Ezekiel is a prophetic sign of what the Lord is doing in the earth, and specifically with the nation of the United States. Ezekiel was a prophet, and as many other prophets, He called for repentance. “Therefore say to the house of Israel, Thus says the Lord GOD: Repent and turn away from your idols, and turn away your faces from all your abominations." ~ Ezekiel 14:6 The Lord spoke to Ezekiel, and told him not to care whether they heard what he said or not, but either way, they would know there had been a Prophet among them! Ezekiel 2:5, “As for them, whether they hear or whether they refuse—for they are a rebellious house—yet they will know that a prophet has been among them.” We also see that Ezekiel was shown the Glory of the Lord, possibly more than any other prophet in the Old Testament. He saw the Glory on unprecedented and unbelievable levels, and it was very intense and amazing. Here is what I believe the Lord has shown regarding this recent storm "Ezekiel", and what it is saying prophetically, specifically to the U.S. This was a storm that brought major snow, and snow typically speaks of purification. There are Ezekiel type prophets that the Lord will be raising up in this hour, and they will call first His people, and then even the world, to repentance. With this call to repentance, will also come another level of purification within His body...and yes even this nation, and the government of this nation. He is purifying and removing the dross of what has been allowed in previous seasons. #Purification #RemovingTheDross 🙏🏻🇺🇸 I also believe that there will be another level of the Glory of the Lord, as was seen by Ezekiel, that will be seen to accompany these "Ezekiel" type prophets, and even the nation as a whole, after the purification and repentance comes. There will be pockets of His Glory that will flame in many places within the U.S., and the Glory will be seen in many spheres and areas that is has not normally been seen. Yes, in many of His churches, home gatherings, but even in businesses, schools, universities, and in locations that many have not imagined. Let me say that I am speaking of His true Glory being revealed and manifested, not a portion of anointing, or some semblance of what many have called the "glory". There will be a marked fear of the Lord that will accompany this true Glory of the Lord, and many will experience this without even understanding how or why they feel as they do. This storm was truly a sign of what we have shifted into in this nation...a time of repentance, further purifying, and then Glory! I believe this will begin to be seen in 2020 in great ways!


In June of this year, He gave me this word for the Ezekiel type prophets that He is raising up in this hour. I prayed into this word, but didn’t feel I was to release it yet, so I have held it since then, awaiting the right time. With the Ezekiel storm that has just hit, and the word I released regarding that, I believe now is the right time for this word. Word from June, 2019: I hear the Lord say, “I will show you My Glory in the days to come! I will show you My Almighty hand at work in great power, as My Spirit moves in the earth in unprecedented ways! For yes, many things are coming that will be unprecedented and called “historic” – storms, floods, disasters – Yet, I am coming also in unprecedented and historical ways, unlike has been seen! My Glory, the very Essence of who I am, will be seen, it will be known, and they will know that the Great I AM has been among them...and they will also know that My prophets have been among them! Yet, will I not show you when these things will happen beforehand? For I do nothing in the earth that I do not show beforehand to My servants the prophets. Now is the time for My true Prophets to experience Me in new and unprecedented ways, as I did in the days of old. I will show them My Glory, they will experience who I am, in greater measure in these coming months and years...before I release it on My Body, and for the world to see and marvel! Seek me as never before, My Prophet servants, for now is the time of Your great visitation, that will become the habitation of your life! The enemy has attempted to wear you down, to silence you, to weary you in soul and in body. He wants to stop you before you get to this place that I have ordained for you, this place of visitation and habitation. If you stop, if you turn back from that which I have called you to, you will not get to this place that I have ordained for you to be, to experience My Presence, My Glory, in ways that you have only dreamt of. You are the only one who can stop it, you are the only one who can forfeit this place I have ordained. But I am strengthening you now, to stand fast, to hold steady, and not to falter. Come in unto Me, come into stillness and rest before Me, and let Me draw you unto Myself. For even as I strengthened Ezekiel for the work I called Him to do, so I will strengthen you, and yes you will see many great and terrible things that are to come, even as he did...but You will also see My Glory!!" (Ezekiel means “strengthened by God”) Prepare us, Oh Lord, and let us be ready for what you are doing! ❄🙏🏻🙇‍♀️🙇‍♂️🔥 #Issachar #Watchmen #Prophetic #TimesAndSeasons #KnowWhatToDo

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