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Soo, just go with me here...🤔

Two horses of the military guard get loose and run wildly through London. One black, and one white with blood covering it's front.

Remember, the black horse in Revelation represents famine; the white horse scholars say represent Christ or Anti-christ (differing opinions). No, I am not saying these are those horses in Revelation being released. There are many times there are dual meanings to prophecies, both now and then.

Now, this probably wouldn't speak to me so much, if I had not already seen/heard myself (and released) the fact that there is a famine coming to major parts of the world. We've also all seen the spirit of anti-christ that has increased drastically in this time. No, I'm not saying The Anti-christ is on the scene, but we know the spirit of Anti-christ is running rampant already.

Oh also, "Big Ben" clock of London randomly stops at 9am, comes back on at 10, but then chimes as if it is the 11th hour...hmm, 11th hour! #SignsAreEverywhere #Watch

All on the same day, All of this during Passover! 🤔

All after so many prophetic things have already been taking place just this year, and add to it what many Watchmen, including myself have been getting about what time it is, and what is coming. Yes, these are all #PropheticSigns!

And yet many, yes even believers, want to keep their head still stuck in the sand, and refuse to see or hear what the Watchmen are saying? They will even maybe mock this post, and say "You're just fear-mongering...why do you have to be so dramatic!" as they laugh and scoff.

And like Noah, we just keep building...and let the rain do the talking! 🌧🌊

In prayer for Awakening to Truth,

Amanda Shiflett ~ Prophetic Reformer

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