🔄⏩ There is much shift happening in the current prophetic movement! The reformers are truly arising within many different spheres, and we will begin to see a purity of form and purpose emerging from the true and consecrated Prophets who the Lord is raising up in this hour! 📯🔄🦅 #Prophetic #Reformers #Arisen #Seated #Purity #Consecration #Holiness

🔄⏩ For those who will allow Him to, the Lord is returning a purity and focus to the Prophets of His heart in this season! No more compromise for the approval of man or for money, no more tolerance of the unclean, no more acceptance of practices that are not of His Spirit. A Prophetic RE-formation has begun, and the greatest Reformer of all time is leading it...the Holy Spirit of God! 📯🦅🔄 #PurityInTheProphetic #NoCompromise #Holiness #NoMerchandisingOfTheAnointing Amanda Shiflett - Prophetic Reformer 

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