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As of last night at sundown, we entered the month of "IYAR". It is known as a "transitional" month, a connecting month. It is the month that connects Passover with Pentecost. 🔗 This is a month of connecting where you've been, and all you've learned in the last season, with where you're going! The Hebrew tribe associated with this month is Issachar...the tribe that knew the times and seasons, and knew what to do. It's time to recognize the season you are in personally, and the season we are in within the body of Christ as a whole. Much transition will mark this month. Today, while driving home from an appointment, I noticed a butterfly had landed on the hood of my car. He stayed there all the way home, and a few minutes after I parked the car, he flew away. I knew this was a prophetic sign of what we were stepping into. #Transition #IYAR #TimesAndSeasons #IssacharsArising 🦋 Amanda Shiflett - Prophetic Reformer 

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