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Pastors & Leaders in the body of Christ who are saying nothing about this amazing victory re: RoeVWade, and the fact that the lives of thousands, maybe millions will be saved...


We hear you loud and clear!

Oh I don't want to be seen as "political" right?! Hmm...well, maybe you don't understand the difference in political and governmental. Maybe you don't realize, that by not saying anything, you're saying plenty. This has nothing to do with what a political party says...this has to do with what God says! And yes, on this particular subject, there is one party that primarily has stood for the sanctity of human life, and has fought for children to not be torn apart in the womb.

But even if no political party stood up for this, we still must! This goes beyond politics, to right and wrong, life and death, serving God or serving the God of this world (namely Baal)!

If you call yourself a Pastor or a leader within the Body of Jesus Christ, and you don't understand what is wrong with killing children in the womb, sucking their brains out, or pulling them limb from limb, then your conscience has been seared, and you have been greatly deceived! You do not deserve to be called a leader in the body of Christ, and I honestly question if you are even a follower of Christ.

If you do know it is wrong, but you don't want to step up and say anything against it, or in agreement with what just happened in the overturning of a law that should never have been put into place...

Then you are a coward, and you are compromised. You have forgotten why we as ministers do what we do!

If you're a person following a leader who is not speaking need to find someone else to lead you.

We are all taking notice of where you stand...but more importantly, He is taking notice!

Will the real leaders in the body of Jesus Christ, PLEASE STAND UP!!

Standing firm & praying for #Reformation!!

Amanda Shiflett ~ Prophetic Reformer

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