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I was awakened at 5:55 on Tuesday morning to a large boom, which sounded like a bomb exploding. I waited and listened to see if I heard anything more, but nothing. After a time, I realized I was hearing this by the Spirit, and it was not something in the natural. I also am feeling a heightened awareness/shakiness in my body, which is what I feel when something significant is getting ready to happen. I felt it was in regards to a potential attack on the U.S.A. #PrayAndPrepare

After I shared this on my social media page, and in my private group, dozens of others commented or messaged me that they had seen or heard similar. Some heard alarms going off, the sound of bombs exploding, saw or heard missles, strange experiences in their body and unexplained feelings in their soul... as well as many other things that people are experiencing as a type of warning to the body.

God is definitely speaking to His Watchmen Prophets and Watchmen Intercessors. We have all felt it was something regarding here in the U.S.

Pray with us, for protection for our nation of America, as well as overall for God's people! I'm praying in the spirit and in the natural a lot during this time, against any planned attacks of the enemy, especially here in the U.S. Also praying for the grace (5) for God's people, to walk through the days ahead!

More Jews were killed in Saturday's assault than any single day since the Holocaust.

We need to wrap our heads around this.🙏🏻😞

Some may think..."What's the big deal? Aren't they always at war over there?" There is always some form of conflict...but not this!

Nothing has happened like this since the end of the Holocaust.

In the middle of all of this, Afghanistan has been hit with 2 major earthquakes, that were very damaging with thousands killed, and many more injured. #PrayForAfghanistan

Many of you may remember, I have said for a few years and especially over the last two years, that what was coming would be reminiscent of World War 2 era, and many things would happen as they did then. Myself and many others have even had dreams with WW2 planes and and other such things of that time, and we knew the Lord was speaking about what was coming, to this nation and the world. I will re-share more of what I have shared previously regarding this.

More is coming, but just as we made it through that time in history, we will make it through this one. Now is not the time to be in fear, but in faith that our God is watching over us, and He will take care of His own. It is time more than ever to #PrayAndPrepare! 🙏🏻🔥⚔

In prayer & preparation,

Amanda Shiflett ~ Prophetic Reformer

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