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1️⃣ First of all, we need all intercessors praying earnestly NOW against the potential damage of these widespread and potentially highly damaging storms and tornado "outbreaks" throughout the South tonight and through tomorrow night. 🙏⛈🌪 Agree with me for no loss of life and no destruction of property, especially for God's people, that they will stand under the protection of His wings, and in the protection of Psalm 91!

👉 Last year around this time, and before we had any major outbreaks, I released several words & warnings that I had received from the Lord, regarding the storms and "outbreaks" that were coming and what we needed to war in prayer against, specifically in the southern part of the US. Outbreaks are when many tornados hit in one region at the same time, and have extended long paths.

I also sent some of these warnings in emails (see pic above) to several ministry and intercessory leaders. I spoke of how I had sensed the enemy was going to try to cause that season to be "as bad as 2011". Last year did turn out to be the 2nd worst season, second only to 2011 (in recent history since warning systems have been in place), but it wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been. There were major outbreaks, but not nearly the devastation as there could have been.

The loss of life was quite a bit less, although still second (2011 saw over 500 deaths, and 2020 saw 76 to tornadoes). I believe this was a direct result of prayer warrior taking their authority over the spheres and regions that the Lord had given them.


In late February, someone who remembered what I had released last year, sent me the article in the link below, which is what the weather specialist had just released regarding the upcoming tornado season. I have meant to write up this article since then, but honestly we have just had too much going on since then. I apologize for being late with this warning.

Excerpt from article:

"The weather specialist are warning of the possibility that severe weather and tornado activity could abruptly fire up and rival one of the most notorious severe weather seasons ever (2011), due to some atmospheric similarities current weather patterns bear to that devastating season."

The NWS has declared that based on the way the weather patterns are looking, they are expecting this year of 2021 to rival 2011 in regards to severe weather and tornado "outbreaks". This says to me, that the enemy is ramping up just as he did last year, and perhaps even more, to try to cause much death and destruction with these extreme storms.

⚔ It is time for the intercessors throughout the U.S., and specifically those in the South to begin to intercede and war to stop what the enemy is planning. Those in the southeastern U.S., begin to intercede and declare for all severe weather patterns to diminish in Jesus name, for no touchdown of tornadoes, and especially no tornado "outbreaks". Intercede for no loss of life and no destruction of property in your region and sphere, especially for God's people. Ask the Father to send His warring angels to intercept much of what the enemy has planned for your region, and that they would be stationed there to guard and protect God's people. ⚔ #AuthorityInWeather

I believe many need to begin to do prayer walks around your neighborhoods and regions, praying for the Father to give you strategies on exactly how He would have you to intercede specifically about this in your area and territory.

I believe intercessors need to begin to take the authority that He has given us over storms that may try to come against our homes, businesses, and our territories...declaring that no weapon formed in weather would prosper, and commanding that all tornadic activity and intense storms would diminsh and cease in our area and sphere, in the name of Jesus! I believe we will need to do this more frequently, and this year especially until the storm season is over.

I am personally interceding for this also, and believing that by the power and authority that He has given us, we can see what they are predicting greatly diminished or canceled altogether in many places!

Thanks for taking this warning seriously, and please share with all intercessors you know!

In prayer,

Amanda Shiflett - Prophetic Reformer

Click the link HERE for the full article talking about what they are predicting for this tornado season.

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