"Hurricane Laura is growing stronger by the hour Wednesday over the Gulf of Mexico, and has already become a CAT 4 this afternoon. Forecasters warn the powerful system may be a "catastrophic" Category 4 storm before it makes landfall Wednesday night along the Gulf Coast of LA and Texas." - Weather Channel

They are predicting this storm will move inland towards AR, then turn east towards TN and KY. Meteorologist are also saying this storm will have far reaching effects even after it makes landfall, with the potential of much wind damage, power outages, and even tornadoes spinning off of the storm. They are saying the biggest threat will be the major storm surges, which will impact even 30 miles inland.

"Laura nears Category 4 strength and threatens 'unsurvivable' storm surges as it approaches Louisiana and Texas"

Laura will be the 7th named storm to hit the continental US by the end of the month of August. This is a record, as there has only ever been 6 named by this time in the year.

I am and have been sensing, that this is only the beginning of major storms that are coming this year. As I have said before, I sense "one after the other", along with everything else that is and will be happening this fall.


We need to majorly up our prayers regarding this current Hurricane Laura, continuing to pray that it will diminish in strength, instead of gaining in power. Pray against the potential of flood and wind damage, as well as praying against any tornadoes that would try to spawn off of the storm. Pray especially against this damaging storm surge they are predicting.

Pray for protection, especially for God's people who are in it's path! 🙏🌀🌊💨🌪🚫

We declare no loss of life, especially for God's people in the path of this storm!🤚

May I suggest, unless you have heard directly from the Lord to stay, please evacuate now if you are anywhere near the path of this storm. We need to use wisdom.

In prayer,

Amanda Shiflett - Prophetic Reformer

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Amanda Shiflett is the founder of Prophetic Reformer and Co-founder of Kingdom Life Ministries, along with her husband Darin. She is a Prophetic Minister who heard the Lord's call from a very young age. Amanda is a heralding voice of truth, holiness, and purity within the prophetic, and calls others to stand in a place of no compromise in their callings. She longs to see reformation come most especially to the current Prophetic movement, as well as the other parts of the 5-fold within the body of Christ.  


Along with her calling as a Prophetess, Amanda also flows in a powerful worship and healing anointing, and is a gifted teacher and writer as well. Although she loves all aspects of the ministry that God has called her to, her personal passion is to see reformation come to the Body of Christ and the current prophetic movement. She also longs to see those in the Body of Christ reach their destinies - to see God's people break free from their strongholds and bondages, to walk in complete wholeness and freedom in Christ. She is honored and excited to serve the Lord in many capacities in the Kingdom, seeing lives transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit! 


Over a 10 year period, Amanda received overall training in biblical studies, with extensive training in prophecy, spiritual warfare, Hebraic roots, healing, and supernatural ministry, at various ministry schools. In addition, she also traveled and served under several national and international ministries during that time. She is constantly engaging in more study and understanding in the revelations of the Lord, and is actively involved in continuing education. 


Amanda and her husband, Darin, are both Apostolically aligned with and ordained through FMCI, under the apostolic leadership of Apostle Jim Hodges. They currently reside near Dallas, TX.