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The prophetic voice and impact of Amanda Shiflett ~ Prophetic Reformer (which is a part of Kingdom Life Ministries ) has reached hundreds of thousands globally over the past decade, and that impact is continuing to expand tremendously. In order to keep up with the opportunities and scale in proportion to the need for reformation, transformation, and preparation, our ministry bandwidth and infrastructure must increase.

We are looking for those who want to partner with us and our mandate, to prepare and train the body across the United States (and globally through Zoom and online videos) for where we are in this hour. Our goal is to hire more staff, improve web structures, and invest into media outreach & equipment. With hundreds of messages, emails, and social media engagements weekly, you can imagine this is a lot to keep up with. We also desperately need to pay our volunteers who have been helping tirelessly with many of these things. In addition, there is a need to build robust web systems, as social platforms like FB are becoming less and less reliable. Restrictions and censoring have become intolerable, so we intend to host our own platforms to spread the Word of God without constraints.

We plan to build a studio for webcast, vlogs, and live events, as well as do more training and equipping for Watchman and Prophets, which is very much needed in this hour. All of these improvements and ministry developments require funding, and that's where you come in! Will you partner with us today, as we expand into all the Lord has called us to do?

We appreciate all who feel led to support us in these endeavors that He has called us to, and look forward to partnering with you for His Kingdom purposes!

Thank you to each of you who pledge and pray!


Amanda & Darin Shiflett

Click the link below 👇🏻 to support and give:

Click the link HERE to head to our partner support page, and press the PLEDGE/SUPPORT button to give towards what He is calling us to do!

There is a page in the Menu on this website called HELP US GROW, and you can also access it there.

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