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We are witnessing "unprecedented" events in the world, and the Lord has given us here at Kingdom Life an "unprecedented" mandate to the body. We believe that situational awareness is key, in preparing and equipping for what is happening among us now, and beyond to what is coming in the weeks and months ahead.

We feel it is part of our call in this season to not only give the word of the Lord prophetically regarding where we are as well as what is to come, but to implement, build and collaborate apostolically.

We are looking for those who want to partner with us in our "Goshen" mandate in this season, to help collaborate with others who are building Goshen communities, to strategize together about the best ways to implement what we are all seeing, and to bring and receive resources to many others who are wanting to build similar communities. (To give, see link below 👇)

We have already begun to travel to Goshen communities that are being established throughout the U.S., to give insight and collaboration on all the Lord is building, along with help in resources and connections with others in the region and beyond who have the same mandate. Many of these trips, Darin and I will travel as a team, but some I will travel to alone, as we split up to do assignments on two fronts.

My 2nd trip is scheduled for early May, and I will travel west to AR, MS, LA, and finally I will cover as much ground as I can in TX, stopping at multiple places along the way. I will then come home, and am hoping to head to SC and GA not long after that (perhaps by early June). Will you please pray with us about these upcoming trips? I will be taking this trip alone, which I am used to, but it is a little different, due to the unknown & unprecedented season we are in.

Thanks to the support that we have already received, Darin and I (and others locally here in East TN) are making great progress on the Goshen mandate in this area regionally. We are collaborating with others in our region in the areas of: above ground gardening, hydro-power (from local waterways), bulk food storage solutions. We have just received our FCC license, and will be implementing a GMRS radio base for a regional communications network.

We are also currently engaging in trainings, mentorship, and teaching, as well as bringing healing & freedom through our Freedom For Life program, to many in the Kingdom both online and in person. This is in addition to the prophetic and apostolic insights that are shared with many in the body (both relationally with other leaders, in zoom and online), 5-fold roundtables with leaders in many regions of the nation, as well as apostolic and prophetic oversight and equipping to a number of up and coming leaders.

In addition, there is a need to build robust web systems, as social platforms like FB are becoming less and less reliable. Restrictions and censoring have become intolerable, so we intend to host our own platforms to spread the Word of God without constraints. We are currently working on a Goshen website that will be a resource and information center, and will release that soon.

We (Darin and Amanda) will continue to be faithful to the call, and will utilize every part that is sown into Kingdom Life Ministries, to equip, prepare, and empower the body to live in the Kingdom in this very important hour we are in!

Click the link HERE to sow into what God has called us to in this season.

For those who have partnered with us in giving in this last season, we gratefully thank you for supporting us as we continue the Kingdom work that He has called us to do.

We truly appreciate all of your support and encouragement as we move forward with all the Lord has for us in this season! 🙏❤

All for Him,

Darin Shiflett &

Amanda Shiflett ~ Prophetic Reformer

Kingdom Life Ministries

P.S. For those who are building (or desiring to build) a Goshen, and you haven't connected with us yet, please email me at 😉👍💜

I look forward to hearing from you!

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