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I have been told I don't do this enough, so I am trying to do it more. "We have not, because we ask not". 😉

Many of you have given in support of what the Lord has called us to in this season, and we are so grateful for your partnership and support! 🙏🏻

We have raised over $4,000 in our "Help Us Grow" campaign, which is awesome! We are looking to raise $25,000 before the end of this year. Will you help us today?

Will you partner with us, as we branch out to do more teachings, training and equipping in the body?

Darin and I have taken many through our online (and in person) Freedom For Life Inner Healing & Deliverance program this year. We don't have a set fee for this program, but simply ask people to give as they can. A gift of $50 is what we normally suggest, if possible. Some can give, and some can't. We have had many who could not give, or could not give much during this season. Darin and I, as well as many others, have taken programs similar to the one we have, and are charged anywhere from $150-$2000.

We don't ever want to make merchandise of what God has given us freely, or turn away those who can't give (we would never), but it is helpful to have compensation for the time and training material.

We are also in the process of training several others we know in this program, so that they can help us in taking many more through this vital and helpful teaching and training. We see such a need in the body for more understanding and implementation of inner healing and deliverance in the body, and we want to help.

We want to see the body of Christ as free as possible, so they can fully walk in their destiny and purpose!

This is just one of several areas where Darin and I are ministering, training, and equipping the body to become all they can be.

If you would like to join with us to become a partner, sign up for a pledge, or even for a one time gift (no gift is too small), you can click the link below to do that. We thank you in advance for your love & support of Prophetic Reformer and Kingdom Life Ministries...we are forever grateful!

Click 👉🏻 HERE 👈🏻to give on our secure giving portal.

Below is just one amazing testimony of what God did in a precious woman's life this year, as they came more into healing and freedom in Him...💞

"I want to encourage you all on here today that whatever is holding you back from continuing in your freedom, that through His strength it will be overcome and victory is yours! the layers not to harm you, but to heal you into propelling you further into the destiny and calling He has for you. He wants you healed; He sees you as whole.

While going through the closing of the doors section, I had to hold off on the emotional trauma section as new things surfaced up, a betrayal of a friend had happened and at the moment it seemed too much. Yesterday, the Lord said it was time, and as I was praying through the different things I had written down, the weightiness of His presence came upon me and as I tried to pray over the next situation, I couldn’t speak. I could only get out a few words as He closed my lips and a glimpse of His glory came upon me. His love consumed me and I just stayed in His presence and allowed His love, His healing balm to wash over me. I could feel the healing, the repairing from some of the crushing traumatic events. He had me addressing things I thought I was healed from, and even in the moment bringing up new things. It was such a beautiful time with Him, and at the end I had such a peace! It was well worth walking through the session’s to see the victory!"

All For Him,

Amanda Shiflett ~ Prophetic Reformer

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