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From sundown tonight until sundown tomorrow is known as Yom Kippur, or the Day of Atonement. I wanted to share a powerful vision I had during a service a few years ago, which is just as much for this day & hour! I am so grateful & rejoicing in the atoning blood of the precious Lamb of God on this Yom Kippur! #ThankYouJesus🩸🐑🙌👇


❇ During worship at the service here in Lakeland, FL I saw an amazing vision of a veil/curtain, but instead of it being made of cloth, it was actually the blood of Jesus coming down like a curtain. I saw people walking up to this veil, and they had dirt on them, some more than others. I heard - "it is the dirt of this sinful world". As they walked under the blood that was pouring down, it washed over them, from their head (mind) to their feet (walk). When they came through on the other side, all the dirt and even the residue of it, was gone. They were in completely white garments and glowing.

On this Day of Atonement, the Lord is calling His people to walk "beyond the veil", through the Blood, and be transformed! This is not a one time thing that happens upon salvation, but a continual thing that happens when we repent and we allow His Blood to renew us and take away even the residue of the sin that taints this world. THAT is what allows us to walk in holiness and righteousness!

As we have come to the end of this season of Teshuvah, of repenting and returning to the Lord in a new way, the Lord is drawing us through the veil on this Day of Atonement. If you will walk through the covering of His blood today, and let it transform you once again, then it will unlock something in the Spirit, and you will walk into your destiny and into this new season that He has for you on a whole different dimension! There are higher levels to access, and something is shifting on this very in!!⌛🔑🔓⏫

Today...come before the Lord, worship Him, and move beyond the veil, through His blood, and walk into a place of transformation! Let it wash over you in a new and fresh way. There is a new place of destiny there, when we come through the veil of the atoning blood of the Lamb! His blood cleanses, purifies, heals, and delivers.

Come into this place of destiny today...He is inviting us into this next level, through His blood! Everything is shifting, and IT IS TIME!! ⏩🙌🐑⌛

Amanda Shiflett ~ Prophetic Reformer

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