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Updated: Sep 11, 2022


I will be sharing several things that I believe are relative to right now, both what I have been getting now, and from words that I have previously released. This is mostly to make sure we realize where we are, and what is going on in the world. These things will affect us all. This will be long, as there's a lot to say, but I encourage you to read it all if you can. I'm going to touch on many things.

Below is a word that I released in 2018. I speak specifically about when HM, the Queen passes on, and the shift that would come with that. It will be greater than we realize. This marks the full ending of an era, and many shifts will come in the entire world.

Let me be clear...NOW IS THE TIME TO PRAY INTENSELY FOR THIS COUNTRY AND FOR WHAT GOD WANTS TO DO THERE, which will affect the whole world! 🙏🏻🇬🇧

Note: The United Kingdom is at a major shifting and turning point. The Lord did not speak to me about Charles at all, so I can't speak to his new reign. He did speak to me about William, Kate, and their family. I have gotten the sense that King Charles will not reign for a long time as his mother did. Actually not long at all. I also feel that is why the Lord did not mention him. We do need to pray for the transition time, and what it will be like during His reign, the time between now and when William takes the throne. A lot of damage can be done if he pushes a wrong agenda, even for a short time.

Remember, the Lord many times speaks to what He WANTS to happen. I also want to say that many things in this word below I had no way of knowing at the time, being an American, and not having knowledge of what would happen when she passed. I saw the great mourning and celebration of her death, and exactly how much it would be celebrated and honored. It has since been told to me that it will happen exactly in that way...more so than many of us in the U.S. can imagine. Liken it to JFK's funeral & honoring, but even more. There will likely not be a funeral and honoring of anyone in the world that will be like this in our lifetime.

You will see many things in the next few weeks that will speak to a time long ago, and many references specifically to the World War II era. Even her death yesterday, was known within the government and Royal Family as "D-Day". There will be many more references and things you will see that will speak to this time. As many of you know, the Lord has shown me for the last 2 years, that we are coming into a time that will much resemble the time of WWII. I now believe her death marks the beginning of that time, and we will see an acceleration from this time forward. This will be happening around the world, not just in the UK. Much of what you read in this word below will begin now, after her passing. The Lord has shown me since this word was released, that due to the epic shift that this will bring, much of what will be happening in the UK, will eventually begin to happen in the rest of the world also.

*I will not allow belittling or bashing of any kind re: the Queen or what she stood for. I've already dealt with that in other posts yesterday, and any such thing will be deleted, as will the person posting it. Do that on your own page. I know what He has shown me about the Queen herself (not necessary all of her family), and what I know. She has a mantle and place that many can't possibly imagine. Others in her family may not have lived up to her standing, and have done and been a part of evil things, but she herself I do not belive has. She played a role greater than most realized. She was truly anointed to do that. Did she do everything right? No. But she did the best with what she had in most cases.

No, I don't "worship" her, or any such thing as that. I worship Jesus alone. I simply honor the office she holds, and what I have known about her life. I have spoken with those who have actually known her for years...not just random heresay or conspiracy theories. She is not some Luciferian, evil person, even if others are. Period.*


Word for Great Britain, and the entire of the UK - released 5/23/18

"There is a tremendous shifting coming in Great Britain, and the entire of the UK!

There are amazing things in store for our British brothers and sisters, and some great changes coming!

The United Kingdom of Great Britain is rising, and I heard that she is "rising to the occasion" once again. Her destiny stands before her greatly in this hour, and much will change in the next several years, even within politics and government. Revival is at her shores once again! Reformation and Revival beckon her forward into her destiny!

Will there be difficult and even tragic things that will happen in the months and years to come? Yes...but for this time, the Lord is having me to focus on the great things that He has in store for this Kingdom.

(CURRENT NOTE: Notice the Lord even had me speak of "House churches/home groups" in the UK even in this word from 4 years ago.

Pray into these things with me please! )

I will try to say this as delicately and honorably as I can. The time for Her Majesty, The Queen, to depart her assignment on this earth, is quickly approaching. I do not know if she will go on to her eternal reward this next year, or within the next few years, but I have sensed for several months that it is drawing near, in the same way that I sensed for over a year that Billy Graham's time on earth was coming to a close. Her passing will be honored and commemorated by many around the world, unlike what we have seen in many years, maybe ever.

A sense of great change will accompany her passing, and many will notice it. Her legacy has been great, and although she has made many mistakes (as we all do, and her family even more), but her heart to serve her people and her country will be remembered by all. She truly believed that her role as Queen was given by God, and I 100% agree. She has lived long for this very was chosen by God to be so. I sensed the Lord saying that it was His will that she live as long as she has.

Queen Elizabeth will be remembered for her integrity and graciousness, even for such a young Queen, as she was when she began her reign. Many may see her as only a figurehead, but that is not how the Kingdom of heaven views her. (When writing this, I had a very clear sense and feeling of exactly how weighty her "mantle" has been, and though many may not understand that, God sees it differently).

She has an authority that many have not understood, whether to be used for good or for evil. She has mostly used it for good in her lifetime.

Much will change at her passing, not just for the United Kingdom, but around the world. It will be a major sign of the transition we are making in this new era.

The New Royals stepping up will be of a new breed, and they will need much guidance. (Current Note: the Lord did not show me anything about Charles, but simply skipped straight to the "Young Royals" that will be stepping up. Mostly William, Kate and their children. I got the sense that He is already positioning them, and that is who we need to be concerned about.)

(The "ghosting out" on Prince Philip's face in this photo is from digital overlay. It was on the photo because I snagged it from a video. I felt it was interesting though, after I screenshot the pic, his face was ghosted out, and Charles was blacked out. We will see?!)

I am already beginning to pray for Divine appointments to be orchestrated by the Lord, with those whom He would have to influence them, as they will influence many in the years to come.

I saw that the Lord will begin to position many prophetic/apostolic people that will speak and help guide many in high places in the U.K. in the years to come. There will be Lords and Ladies that will be markedly changed, and then used by the Lord to minister to those within their own sphere of influence in the country, to experience God in a new and fresh way, and many will come into a new knowledge of the moving of the Holy Spirit.

I see what might be called "Holy Spirit infiltrates" in these spheres, and some who will be "sleepers" within society, that will exact much change within the country. These are the rulers behind much of the way the country goes. I see balanced, bold, and Spirit-led men and women of God, that will be reformers within even the political, social, and business realm in the UK and most especially in England.

Yes, there will still be those who will oppose God's laws and His ways, but He is raising up those of His remnant to these places of influence, to level the playing field in a big way in this country.

🙏🏻🔥 I see prayer gatherings beginning to emerge in the United Kingdom in an immense way, and many will be a part of many home churches/home groups, that will be very Apostolic and Prophetic in nature. Much of the prayer gatherings will come from these, and I see a great wave of the moving of God's Spirit through these groups. It will be a grass-roots movement of God's remnant there. Many of these home/small groups will even be among those who are considered the "social elite", or higher class.

God's Presence and power will be known to many once again, and there will be hundreds, perhaps even thousands, who will move in great miracles and signs and wonders, even as happened in the days of old.

I see a great resurgance of appreciation for the mighty moves of God that have happened in this land in years past. I even see many descendants of great men and women of God from the UK, as they begin to realize the great heritage that they have come from. As the appreciation of their ancestors begins to rise, many will begin to tap into the equity of their generations, and will begin to function in similar anointings as those that came before.(current note: the Lord was even speaking about the past/WW2 era in reference to descendants and great moves of God before)

At the same time, God will be dealing with many to begin to renounce and deal with the iniquity that has been in their bloodline, and if they will follow His instructions, this will cause great healing for people, in families, and even in the land itself.

Pray with me for this beautiful land of Great Britain, and even for all of the UK, where many of our ancestors come from, as the Lord has much in store for her future, and great things He is wanting to do in the years to come!

In prayer & preparation,

Amanda Shiflett ~ Prophetic Reformer

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