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I was having a discussion with some prophetic friends/team members over the last few days, and the below came to me. In the discussion, I was talking about a word I had given to a "group of leaders" in a specific location, which was a bit harder and a warning/admonition type word, although it was given with a pure, loving and humble heart, to the best of my ability.

The problem is, the word was not fully heeded.

Over the last number of years, I have seen the results of it not being heeded in a huge way, simply by looking at the region, and seeing the "fruit" of what happens when a warning word given by a prophet isn't heeded. A political spirit and jezebel got involved to subvert the word, and cause it to fall to the ground. This has been a grevious thing for me for some time. Relationships ended, and the enemy seemingly had his way.

Everyone wants to see the "fruit" of their work or their assignment being least at some point, and to some degree.

The thing with prophets is (different even than those who flow in prophecy), it can take years to see the "fruit" of their completed work, and their assignments can't be measured by weather or not the others heeded the word, so it is somewhat difficult to guage at times. This can be hard for the prophet, because it can cause thoughts of failure or not being a success at your "job" to try to creep in. Let's face it, it is many times a very thankless and not fun job anyway tbh, so we at least don't want to feel like a failure at it! 😏🤦🏼‍♀️😜

But...the question is, were you obedient?? Did the Lord give you an assignment to release, pray about, and you did that? Then that is the answer as to whether or not you are successful. You cannot base your success on what others do with the word once it is released. Now, we do have to make sure we are releasing it properly (in the right manner and protocol), and with the right heart posture and attitude...but if we have made sure to do that, then we are successful at our assignment.

You may never hear it from a single person...but let me say to many of you out there, if you've done that, even if you never hear it from anyone else, or ever see the fruit of the word being heeded...let me say to you ~ GOOD JOB!!

You did it, and you did it simply because He asked you to. Your Father in heaven is proud of you, and you were successful!

Now...lay it down and let it go. He'll let you know if you are to pick it up again someday. Don't hold on to it...not even necessarily in prayer, unless He has specifically asked you to. It can be detrimental to your well-being.

So to all of you true prophets out there, who are not doing it for the wealth, fame, platform, to be known... but are giving the words that you were asked by Him to give, even if it was hard to do, and even if no one thanked you for it, simply because you knew it was your assignment, and He wanted you to. To those who have done more assignments like this that have not been seen by anyone, than the ones that have been seen...

I want to say ~ Thank you, and well done! You have completed the assignment, and I know you didn't do it for the thanks, but it is nice to get it every now and then anyway. 😉👍🏻

Now, I want you to release the "fruit" of the word being heeded to Him. That isn't your job. It is His. Remember, they were His words, not yours. Release it, and let it go back to Him to deal with as He sees fit. Your job is complete, and I bless you for the work you do in the body!

With empathy & blessings,

Amanda Shiflett ~ Prophetic Reformer

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