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Let me go ahead and say, based on what I have sensed and seen (along with what several other prophets that I hold in high regard have seen), I do believe that President Trump will have a second term in office. That is not to say that I believe this fact will be accepted easily by the other side. I believe it will be somewhat difficult. Never forget...our God is with us!

We have a few more storms yet to "ride out" this year, and even into next spring. I believe these will be in the governmental realm (and those related to it, such as riots, etc.), as well as financial, health, and weather related. There will also be some amazing and wonderful times during this same period. Many miraculous and wonderous things will be seen and experienced. Expect it...look for it!

We are in a convergent time unlike any I have ever felt or seen, and I don't mean just because of what has already occurred this year. The Lord has been highlighting to me the Kairos, "full circle" moments that are colliding during this season, and it is truly amazing! We are truly in history-making times, unlike what we have seen since the founding of our country. I will share more about that soon.


During prayer today, I felt very strongly to admonish many of you during this time, and specifically the watchmen, intercessors, and prayer warriors...

Regardless of what occurs within the next 48 hours, and even the next several weeks, now is not the time to drop your shield and sword. Now is not the time to leave your post. It is paramount that we stay at our position, even if we desire, and even feel we can, take a rest for a time. There is time for that, but this will not be it.

We MUST stay at our position, and we MUST continue to listen to the instructions that we are given from the Holy Spirit. Our prayers will be more pivotal now than they ever have been! It may not make sense in the moment, but the words you pray, the declarations you give, the prophetic acts you do, are all very crucial to what the Lord is accomplishing in this hour. Every piece counts...and He is counting on His remnant in this hour! He is sending His angels now more than ever, to partner with what we pray, declare, and do.

Let me say it like this...

Now is not the time to be caught sleeping, with the Master saying "Could you not tarry with Me for one hour??"


I know many are weary from standing, from praying, from warring, for so long...but we cannot step back, we cannot lay down now!

I hear the Lord say to the intercessors and warriors who have fought so hard for this last year, even two... "HOLD THE LINE"!!!

We are in an hour unlike any we have ever been in - It is our very future, and the future of the generations to come, that is at stake, and we must "Hold the line"! We must hold the line, in our fight for life, for freedom, for the next great awakening and revival that is coming to our land!

We must hold the line, against communism, against tyranny, and against the end of the very way of life that so many have fought and died for...the very beliefs that our "Pilgrim Fathers" came to this land to see!

Do not mistake me, I am not saying we should not rest, but that we must stay "at position" during this time, and continue to "hold the line". As you do this, I believe the Lord will be pouring out extra grace to His faithful remnant warriors, to be able to rest in Him during this time, to remain in a place of peace and calm, even while holding the line and staying in your position.

And Remember....NO FEAR!!! 🚫 You were made for such a time as this! 🙂🙌💥 You are strong in Him, and in the power of His might! 🙏⚔💪

In position,

Amanda Shiflett - Prophetic Reformer

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