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THE DOOR OF 5784 & THE GATE OF YOM KIPPUR ~The War in the Gates of this Season!

Well, there has certainly been warfare in the gates this year...even as I shared as we came up to the time of Rosh Hashanah. And the last 10 days have been even more of it in many ways.

Why? Because this year is not like just any other year! This is the year of the "Open Door"...the year we step through not just into another year, but a whole new season!

I'm not just saying that to have something to share during this Feast of Trumpets and Days of Awe...I've truly sensed this time coming up to this gate has been one of the most significant ones in recent memory, maybe since my whole time understanding the New Year gates of the Fall "festival" seasons.

The enemy always wars at the gates, but this is a LARGE gate...a gate that speaks of stepping over into what He has for many of us! What we've been warring and believing for, for so long! This is a #KAIROS #GATE, this is a #destiny gate for so many of His true remnant!

Be very careful how you come through this gate...DO NOT give the enemy a foothold! Do not let him back you down from your call or your mandate, or intimidate you in any way. DO NOT let him distract you with the warfare!

Even people at times will be used by the enemy to attack and malign you...don't take the bait! Do not come down to their level, as they are simply being used by the enemy to get your focus off, to get you into meaningless battles of inconsequence.

People, even God's people, can be ignorant to the devices of the enemy, and how he is using them, as much of it is due to their unhealedness. Perhaps the Lord allowed things to happen as they did, so you would see what you needed to see, before you moved into and through this gate? Remember, not everyone from the old season, can go through this gate with you! #LetThemGo

Forgive them, for they know not what they do. Let them go be who they will be, and pray for their full healing and freedom! 🙏🏻💜


Hopefully you've been in a time of forgiveness and repenting already, as we've come through this time of the 10 Days of Awe. Now we are finally at the end of this hallway, after coming through the "Door" at Rosh Hashanah, and now the "Gate" of Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement).

Today specifically, on the Day of Atonement, we enter through this Timed (Kairos) Gate into the new that the Lord has prepared. But as I have said, it isn't just a new year, but a whole new season. I will release more on that later today.

I will be sharing more about why I feel this particular door and gate is so significant, and what He is speaking during this amazing time! There is more shifting than we even realize! ⏳

Sunday morning, Sept. 24th, before I was fully awake, I heard "floodgates". I knew it was in reference to the "Gate" we are stepping fully into on the Day of Atonement. 🚪🌊

When I looked up the word "floodgates" in scripture, the first place that came up was Genesis 7:11, and I knew the Lord was highlighting this verse. Many of you know how much He has spoken to myself and many others about "the Ark" in this hour.

"In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, in the second month, on the seventeenth day of the month, on the same day all the fountains of the great deep burst open, and the floodgates of the sky were opened." -Gen 7:11

We are entering a time when the "floodgates" are both the "Best of Times and the Worst of Times". May we be prepared for both!

Lord, prepare Your body!🙏🏻 #PrayAndPrepare

Then during a service Sunday morning, I heard further about the "floodgates" that are coming...

"Floodgates of justice and judgment are coming for the world. You will see this accelerated on an unprecedented level. It will shift quickly once you step through this 'Gate' of Yom Kippur, and these books are closed for the year.

BUT for My people, that are covered by the blood on My Mercy seat, Floodgates of My mercy are being accessed; Floodgates of faith to overcome fear; Floodgates of My Glory are being released; Floodgates of My Spirit moving in the earth!" 🌊🔥🙌🏻

The Lord also had Darin and I take communion, specifically praying while we did for mercy over His body in this hour, over His Church, and that they would stand in faith in this hour! Will you join us in praying for His church on this Day of Atonement? 🙏🏻🩸❤

I praise You Lord that You are our atoning Lamb! Not by the blood of bulls & goats, but by the very blood of the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world!

Thank you, Yeshua Hamashiach (Jesus the Messiah), that you are not only our High Priest who places the blood on the Mercy Seat...but You place Your own holy Blood, and through You we receive Mercy!

“Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power and riches and wisdom and might and honor and glory and blessing.” ~ Rev. 5:12

Keep your eyes on the prize people of God... THE GATE! 🚪💥 Stepping into that which He has prepared for you in this Kairos moment in history! Keep your eyes on Jesus...for He is the doorway to this gate! We enter in through Him, our High Priest! #StayFocused #TheGate #YearOfTheOpenDoor #GodsTimes

In prayer & preparation,

Amanda Shiflett ~ Prophetic Reformer

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