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I often can feel when something is coming... a major event or happening, and today I feel that. All of my nerves are "on edge", not nervous or anxious, but just on edge, and I feel it in my physical body. This happens sometimes when big things are coming. Perhaps what I am sensing might even be the "Perfect Storm" that many of us have sensed was coming for some time.

I've asked several other prophetic friends and many are sensing it also. I feel the warfare around whatever is happening, and what is coming! There is much warfare between the Holy and evil spirits in the spirit realm right now. I am praying in the spirit a lot today, but having som difficultly breaking through.⚔🙏🏻

Interestingly enough, yesterday and the day before I had several times of wonderful feelings of glory and enrapture, like the Lord was so near. I even had an experience in a dream of pure glory during worship, and it felt like my body was lifting up and I could almost not contain it. It was amazing! I sense that we are on the precipice of the Glory of God being poured out in ways we have never experienced!

Yet today....I feel the complete opposite of what I felt yesterday, but I still feel Him close by. If I press past the difficulty that I am feeling, I can sense His Spirit so close. It is a strange dichotomy. ↔️🔃

Darin and I are in a time, like many of you, of fasting and prayer, of pressing in for what the Lord is wanting to do and what He has for us...and although I have done many fasts, this one feels different. This time, it feels like He is just right there, waiting for us to press in. He is always right there, don't get me wrong...but this time, it is easier to access His Presence and power.

There are Kairos moments in history where the Lord draws even closer in, and the veil between the spirit world is even thinner. I believe we have entered into that moment as we step through this Bethabara "passageway". I also believe that is why there has been so much more warfare at this particular gate.

I believe today, on 1/11, we are headed into another level of "The Best of Times & The Worst of Times"...both at the same time! I don't know when this will fully manifest, but I feel it strongly. #PrayAndPrepare #BestOfTimes #WorstOfTimes

In prayer & preparation,

Amanda Shiflett ~ Prophetic Reformer

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