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There's some things I need to deal with and address within the prophetic. This is part of the #Prophetic #Reformation that must happen!


We must stop Merchandising the Anointing! 💸

I am SO TIRED of people trying to make money off of the prophetic! Do you know that one of the things Lucifer did to get kicked out of heaven was to make merchandise of the anointing! Read Ezek 28. I'm done with this guys...AND SO IS THE LORD! 🤦‍♀️😡👇

Yes, people should support prophets financially, & give back into those who have sown into their lives through prophetic words, insights, and prophetic teachings/trainings...BUT that should never be why we do it. A workman is worthy of His hire, but that should never be the motivation behind why we do what we do.


You are making a mockery of the gift...STOP IT!!

If this is simply your job, and not your calling, you need to stop and go get a real job! Trust me, it won't be worth it in the end, no matter how much money you make. God is requiring an audit in this hour of the giftings He has given.

Prophets and Prophetic ministers...

Stop trying to figure out ways to make money and build a business out of the gifting that God has given you, so you don't have to go get a real job! Can He bring supply out of what He has called you to do? Yes. Can the giftings bring financial fruit that will be a blessing? Sure it can. Can you make a living out of the ministry He has called you to. Yes...But we should not strive for that, and when we do, we will find ourselves compromised. Paul the Apostle made and sold tents, along with the major ministry call that he was called to. You are not better than Paul. 😏

Remember, the Lord is our supply, and when we make ministry our "business", we play a very serious game.

I'm going to take this one step further, and this may really step on some toes...

Prophets and Prophetic Ministers ~ Stop deciding where you go to minister based on who gives the biggest offerings and who has the most clout and money. Get with God, and go where He says go. Some of you have become like Balaam in the scriptures, and have sold out to the highest bidder, even though some of the churches you are going to are compromised and you know it!

And for those who want a word so bad they are willing to pay for it...

When you become so desperate for a "word" that you pay for one, you are not seeking God, but seeking to find out what you want to know by any means necessary, which is what caused King Saul to go to the witch of Endor in the Bible. He was also cursed. If you've sought a word more than the Spirit of God who gives words, then you need to repent...and never, ever pay for a word again! Any one that would charge for a word is a charlaton, and no better than a psychic.

There is too much of this crud going on within the body of Christ...and I for one am going to call it out where I see it! I'm not patty-caking around this. God is done with this kind of mockery in His body, and so am I.

Hear me, and hear me well... 👂

If you are doing or have done these things, God is giving you a short window to repent of the mockery you have made of the Holy calling and gift He has given, and how you have stewarded that which He has entrusted to you. There is getting ready to be quick and swift judgements on those who are operating in these errors and perversions of His giftings! With this will come a great fear of the Lord that has not been seen for some time within the body.

If repentance does not happen, not only will His anointing lift from many for good, but evil spirits will be sent to torment. You will be in grave danger in your life if you do not repent from these things. Have we not heard that judgement must begin in the House of God? How much more with leaders within His house?


Prophets of the Most High ~ You are called to a higher and Holy standard. You are a different breed. You cannot go where others go, nor do what others do. Even more than any other in the body, you are to walk with Him and stand in His council. You cannot sit in the council of the ungodly, nor partake of their stuff.

Beyond anything else, you are His friends and His servants. You MUST live clean, holy, and pure lives before Him. This means in your talk, your walk, your finances, and your ministry. If we want to walk in the Glory of those who came before us, we must walk as they walked, and recognize the true weight of that which we are called to. This is a serious call, and not something to be played with.

This is not about money, fame, notoriety, or power. This is about being His servant and advancing His Kingdom. It is time for the next level of PROPHETIC REFORMATION in the body of Christ. It is time for another level of purification and refining. DO IT LORD!! 🙏🔥

Hidden in Him,

Amanda Shiflett - Prophetic Reformer

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