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⚠️There's a ton of crazy weather going on this week, and we need to be aware & in prayer! This feels like what I have sensed was coming, and have talked about previously. A lot more storms and weather events at one time, and different weather happenings, one on the heels of another. I have warned about this for some time, and I don't feel it is a coincidence it is happening now, barely a week into 2024.


There's been major rain and flooding all throughout the Southeast, and also moving up the East Coast, including where we are here in Sevierville. Below is a picture of flooding near where we live.

"Major storms ripped through the Southeast over the last few days. More than a dozen tornadoes have been reported from Texas to Georgia since Monday. Here is a picture of damage from a tornado that hit in Panama City, FL.

Also, at least three people were killed, with multiple others injured across four states amid severe weather on Tuesday as a major storm system threatened parts of the East Coast."

This is on top of the intense amount of earthquakes happening in this nation, and around the globe. There seems to be great shaking happening in many areas.

We're praying for all those affected by these storms, and protection over all where the storms are headed in the far eastern part of the nation, and moving North. Declaring that none of God's people will be injured, nor their properties Jesus name! 🙏🏻⛈🌪

Moving towards this weekend, we have this major winter storm moving across the nation, just behind these other storms, and bringing snow and extreme freeze to much of the country.

I'm praying for any who are currently being affected by this winter storm, as it is already in play out west, and for protection for any in it's path. Pray with me for no loss of life or property, especially for God's people! Also praying that it will not be as bad as they are declaring. In addition, I am sincerely praying that many people are prepared for what is happening, and the major freeze that is coming to many places this weekend. 🙏🏻🌨❄📈 #LordHaveMercy #PrayAndPrepare

These are all signs of where we are in this hour, and what is happening in the Spirit. There is more to come, I have sensed this will be a year of major extremes. The earth is groaning, and what is happening in the spirit realm, is being mirrored in the natural! 🌎

Pray with me about all of what is happening, and make sure you are listening to and trusting the Lord in all things. Also, make sure you are as prepared as possible for power outages and emergency weather scenarios.

In prayer & preparation,

Amanda Shiflett ~ Prophetic Reformer

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