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I re-released the below in January of this year, but I have sensed over the last few weeks that much more is coming! Swift and sudden judgement will happen especially in leadership within the Body of Christ, before this year is over.

There has been a call to repent and much grace and mercy has been extended...that will quickly come to an end. Those who have been stiff-necked and have not repented when the Lord has called for it for a time, will see swift judgement, and some will even die. I know this may seem harsh to some, but this is the season we are entering. We say we want the "Book of Acts" again, well this is a part of it. The days of "Ananias and Sapphira" are upon us, and the fear of the Lord will fall upon many. For judgement begins in the House of God!⚖

Amanda Shiflett ~ Prophetic Reformer

"It is the hour for the #EXPOSING!⌛🕛 👀

True intents and motives will begin to be known in this hour more than ever before...and many things done in secret, even many things that some would not imagine, will be exposed!

Hidden sins, perversions, and many hideous things that have went on in companies, organizations, governmental structures...and yes, most especially in churches and ministries, will be revealed for all to see. He has been long-suffering, and given much time for repentance and turning. The Lord has had me warn of this for a number of years, specifically in the below 👇 post from 2018. Don't be surprised when you see it happening...or who you see being exposed. Don't always assume "oh no, they could never do that!" This will continue to happen in 2022 in massive ways. ⚖👀👨‍⚖️ #Justice #Exposure #Cleansing #Fire "

Excerpt from Word of the Lord - January 8th, 2018:

"As you have seen in this last year, so the next few years will truly be an intense season of exposure of many things. Yes, there are many whose season of grace has ended, and what they have refused to turn from, will be exposed for all to see. What has been done in darkness, will be brought to the light. This will not only be one here, and one there, but entire organizations, entire groups..and yes even entire churches and ministries, will go through an exposing process. It will not be easy, but the purging must happen, and purification will come!"

"For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God.” ~ 1 Peter 4:17

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