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✳ I feel this word and "call" is crucial during this time of the Days of Awe and Yom Kippur, specifically this year. Please hear it with the heart in which it is being released, yet with urgency! ✳

I say this with all the care and caution that I can, and with much soberness. I have prayed about this word for several weeks, and honestly have struggled with releasing it, but feel I must now.

We are coming up on the 2nd "door", or what I like to call "The Gate" after the door, known as Yom Kippur, which will be at sundown on Sunday, Sept 24th until sundown Monday. I feel it is interesting that this is hitting just after we cross over into the first day of Autumn on our western calendars. There is a shift in the atmosphere, in the temperatures, and in many other things during this time! I believe this is more than any of us can truly grasp.

Yom Kippur, and these 10 days of Awe leading up to this day, are a time of soberness and retrospection. There's much more I want to share about why this particular Yom Kippur (and entire season) are so significant..but that is for another post. Many wonderful and amazing things...but first I have felt that I must release this, as hard as it is to say.

It is also a time of repentance and changing of our minds, of things we recognize that we have done wrong, or that we need to make right, before the "books are sealed" for this year.


Today, I feel to release a call of repentance to the prophetic (and apostolic somewhat) community as a whole. There are many things that the prophetic community may need to repent for, as things have gotten quite out of hand and construed in many ways, but I feel led to focus on one aspect that the Lord has highlighted strongly to me over the last several weeks, and one that has grieved my spirit for some time before that.

🙏🏻✳ With all humility in my heart, I am calling the prophetic community within the body of Christ (especially it's leaders) to repent specifically for how they mistreated, maligned, disregarded, did not listen to and heed a true "Watchman" that was sent from the Lord into their midst...John Paul Jackson.

Although there have been many who have had similar experiences as Watchmen, men and women of God, not many have experienced this to the level of John Paul. Not many have received such clear revelations and instructions of what the Lord was warning of, that was soundly rejected and for the most part disregarded by so many within the prophetic community. John Paul was called a "doom & gloom" prophet by many within the prophetic community, and was spoken of disparagingly and disdainfully, and at the very least disregarded.

His words were not heeded properly, nor was he treated with the respect and honor that he should have been. Of course, this is how it was throughout scripture for many prophets and watchmen, but it should not be this way in this modern prophetic era.

I believe this was due to the fact that Watchmen prophets had not been (and in many ways are still not) accepted within the modern day prophetic community. I have seen some change over the last few years, even with some who did not accept John Paul's words, but have now begun to listen to some others who have clearly been hearing similar warnings/watchmen words. Much of this has come due to seeing that these things are in fact happening, even if they don't want to see them.

Although I don't necessarily believe he had all of the timing correct in his words (this is the hardest part within the prophetic, and I've known many seasoned & right prophets to get this part wrong), I do believe that much of what we have lived through over the last few years, and much of what is coming, are things John Paul saw and prophesied.

You can especially see this in the word he released in 2008 called "The Perfect Storm". Much of what I released in my original "Best of Times, Worst of Times" (2018) word is confirming of his original word, although at the time of me releasing that, I had never heard his word at all. It wasn't until others who were close to him drew my attention to the parallels of these words, that I saw it. I was shocked when I finally did watch it, of how much he had also seen many years prior.

Now, many may say that I am making this call to repentance, because it is something that is close to my heart, or because I am a Watchman myself...but I truly don't feel that is my heart, and I have tried to pray and make sure it is not. I believe this is something the Lord is calling for.


As we come into this weekend of Yom Kippur (The Day of Atonement), and as we step through this "Kairos" timed Gate, I have felt the intensity of the need for this repentance in the body, and especially within the prophetic community as a whole.

I can't fully explain what I sense, except to say that it is imperative that certain leaders within our prophetic and apostolic realms make this repentance during this time. I believe God has been dealing with many to do this for some time, but some have not wanted to, due to pride or not wanting to admit they were wrong.

The Lord showed me in the beginning of 2022 that it had been 7 years since John Paul had passed on, and that He (the Lord) was releasing a new level of "Watchmen mantles" on the earth, ones that would be similar to John Paul's...and others like him of course, but his has been the main one the Lord has shown me was being released.

I have sensed the Lord showing me strongly over the last few weeks, that many of the warning words that He has been releasing through His Watchmen in this hour, have not fully been able to have the impact and understanding that they should have (not just mine necessarily but many others), due to the seeds of disregard and dishonor that were sown in the earth amongst His prophets, specifically with this man of God when he was alive.

It is as if John Paul represents the Watchmen of this time, even though he has gone on, but his words are still ringing out, and needing to be heeded and regarded. They are literally crying out still in the atmosphere! I sense this in an overwhelming way I cannot fully describe.

Due to this lack of understanding and inability to see and hear properly, His church has not been able to receive the warnings and equipping that has been necessary for this season we have been in, and even more so the one we are stepping over into. That was part of the problem with how things were handled and dealt with regarding c- vid, and several other things since 2019.

As a result of this, I believe that there are things that have been delayed in coming to fruition, and even a delay in the maturing of how God's people handle warning words or words of correction. There has been a "stuntedness", and lack of the ability to correctly hear and react in maturity to God's words, as a mature son and daughter should. Some things have been out of sync within the prophetic, and within His prophetic people over the last number of years (I've heard 7 yrs, but maybe more), due to what has occurred. Cycles that should have closed out for some, have not, and some things that should have already begun, have been delayed.

The Lord is calling for His leaders within the prophetic (and even somewhat the apostolic) communities, to repent for how this gift and "mantle" was not received, and for many of the results that have come from this disregard and not receiving of the one(s) the Lord has sent.


Certain things will be sealed, many doors opening and many other doors closing, as we enter through this very crucial and important "Gate" this weekend. NOW IS THE TIME FOR THIS WRONG TO BE MADE RIGHT!

I have sensed there will be major correction from the Lord in the new season, for those who still refuse to make this right before Him. I pray many will heed this call! 🙏🏻💔

Let's make this right men and women of God...and move forward into what the Lord has for us in this hour, with fresh insight and revelation, and the ability to hear what He is saying fully...knowing that even His warning words are good, and He works ALL things to the good of those who love Him, who are the called according to His purpose!

I want to say this ~ I am not sure why the Lord would have me to be the one to release this word, as I feel there are many others that are much more qualified, and much more seasoned to release it...but nevertheless I cannot shake it, so with tears in my eyes, I make this plea. 😥

In prayer and tears,

Amanda Shiflett ~ Prophetic Reformer

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