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~ A Real and Honest Post ~

I shared this a few years ago, and wanted to share it again...just for anyone who is new, or maybe who doesn't know me as well. Oh boy, how much more true this is even now, with things I have seen over the last couple of years! 👇🤦‍♀️🔥🙏 #HelpUsStayStrongLord

Original post:

To keep from ever being tempted to compromise the message that God has given us, from the time we started our ministry in 2010, Darin and I made a decision that we would never rely solely on ministry donations and financial gifts as our source of supply and "income".

And I can say this...with what we have seen and experienced in the ministry realm, especially in the last 7-8 years, I have become increasingly glad that we made that decision, and have stuck to it!

I will walk away from the prophetic, and ministry altogether, and never release another word or preach another sermon, before I will step back and not say what I KNOW the Lord is wanting to be said. I can't, I won't. It has cost me dearly at times to stand firm, but I cannot compromise. I would rather not be a minister, than to be a compromised one. I have to have pure motives, or it doesn't work for me. It is too important for me that He is pleased, for me to worry about whether others are.

There were times where I have questioned and went back to the Father and said "Lord am I wrong...should I not have done that?!" In all humbleness of heart, I truly wanted to make sure I hadn't done or said what I shouldn't have. 100% of the time, He has said, no you had to, I told you to...and that would then be confirmed several times by others saying "The Lord says, you did right, you did what He wanted...stay the course!"

I've seen more ministers and leaders than I care to count, who have bowed to the political spirit that is running rampant in the church today. I have seen people not say things they knew they were getting from the Lord, and that they knew He wanted released, because it may offend the "wrong" people. Sometimes they tell themselves they're just "holding it" for the right time...when in reality it is out of fear of what others will think or say. I've seen leaders not call out and deal with sins and error, which they knew the Lord was showing them to deal with, because of what it might cost money, ministry opportunities, and relationships.

I have seen people in ministry connect (or stay connected) with others in ministry who they knew, or sensed in some way might be compromised...all because they didn't want to jeopardize connections, opportunities, a certain platform, certain influence, and money.

Just so you know...

By the grace of God and by His keeping power, Darin and I will NEVER change the message, or diminish the message that God has given us to give, to appease the people who are hearing it, or to keep some other leaders from being "offended". We will never not say something, or change what we say, because it may cause some in the body to not have us come minister at their church or ministry. We will never NOT release something because a Jezebel spirit tries to rise up to attempt to intimidate and muzzle what the Lord is speaking. The enemy has attempted this in the past, and it cost us dearly in relationships to stand firm, but we did! #DoNotBowToJezebel

We will never connect with those who we have sensed are compromised in some way, even if they have a larger ministry, a bigger name, a larger influence, more money and opportunities. I have been given the chance to connect with many over the years that had all of these things, and I always had to say "Thanks, but no thanks." #NoCompromise

I will gladly stay right where I am, doing just what I'm doing, with the relationships He is building, and the platform He is creating, and not connect with any of the more popular, famous, or "Who's who" in our ministry realms. This is not about climbing some ministry "ladder" for me, where I am seen as successful by my peers or others.

I am here to accomplish that which He has sent me to do...on a large platform, or on the back side of the desert, or in a small village in Zimbabwe. It is irrelevant to me. I am only concerned with taking, and doing, the assignments He has called me to do. Not with building our ministry, not with growing a platform...although yes you are glad when more are hearing the word, but it can never be about that.

I had to become resolute a long time ago, that I would seek to please His heart, even if everyone else was displeased. I am here to make One person alone happy...and that is My Lord. I am here to do the will of Him who has called and sent me, and to make sure I keep clean hands and a pure heart. 🤲💖

I am also praying earnestly that He will raise up many pure-hearted, non-compromising, resolute ones, who are only out to do the will of Him who sent them!🙏 #LordRaiseThemUp

All for Him,

Amanda Shiflett - Prophetic Reformer

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