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On September 26th (Tishri 2), we ended the 7 year Shmita cycle, and even further the 49 year (7x7) cycle! In God's calendar, there are 7 year cycles, then there are 7×7 year cycles, which happen every 49 years, and the 50th year is the Jubilee year. Think of how seven speaks of fullness and perfection. Fullness of time. ⌛

The fact that we are now at the 7×7 cycle, which is the 49th year, is very significant! Much of that means, biblically and prophetically speaking, it is time for many to "harvest" what has been sown in the previous seasons. The month if Tishri is also represented by the Scales of Justice, which you can actually see in the night sky in the constellations. Scales speak of a balancing out, and God rendering Justice. This year is very significant for that, and especially this month, because of the 49 year cycle. God does things in His time, which He has set up. It is time for is time for the "Harvest" of what has been sown!

This is not just in the body of Christ, but in the entire world. Some will have a fruitful and good harvest, based on what they have sown. Some will have a bad harvest for what they have sown.

Hear me...this will be happening in the entire world! God's people & people who are outside of His covenant, churches/bodies of believers, businesses, as well as governments (Nations & States). The nations, and even smaller governments in states and spheres, will be dealt with during this time, based on the justice that must come. Again I say, you will want to make sure you are in the right location during this year.

Many of you in the body of Christ have been and are being weighed in the balances of heaven, and have been found righteous and holy, and have sown good seeds into the ground He has sent them to. Some of you have sown good seeds that you have yet to reap a harvest on, but you will in this year of 5783, even some beginning this month! 🌾🙌🏻

God has seen what you have planted, and how you have not given up on what you've been believing for, what you've sown in faith for...and you will reap, in the appointed time! This..this is appointed time for many! Accrued harvest with interest for the years you've had to wait!

"And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart." ~ Galatians 6:9

Others have been weighed in the balances of heaven by the Supreme Judge, and have been found very "wanting", having sown bad or even evil seeds into their sphere or ground. Evil will be dealt with, in what will seem like swift judgment during this time. But it is not really swift. It has been accruing over time, and it is time for them to harvest that which has been sown. Some will even die during this time, due to the "Justice" of the harvest that must be rendered.

It is time for many to reap the harvest of the seeds that have been sown...if for good, then a good harvest. If for bad, then a bad harvest.

This is an excerpt (with additions) from a previously released word from last week.

Amanda Shiflett ~ Prophetic Reformer

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