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The below word is what I have shared on this day for the last 6 years, ever since the Lord first gave me this word, and today I am glad to share it again! This word has cost me a lot since then, and walking in and "living it out" has cost me even more.

Although I have walked in my calling for many years before that, it wasn't until 6 years ago, that I knew I was called as more than just a prophetic voice, but as a "prophetic reformer" ~ prophetic voice of reformation overall within the church and the world, as well as a voice calling for reformation within the prophetic realm itself.

For those who have wondered why I post some of what I do, even about my stance on Halloween and other things that must change within the body..this is why.

But being a reformer is not easy. You must stand against that which is status quo, against the norm of this day and age, and even at times against your own peers and other leaders, and say -

"This must change...this is not right...there must be a Reformation!".

It will cost you friends, relationships, and even family at times, but you will be compelled to stand against that which you know is wrong, against what you know is unholy, and against that which you know is displeasing to Him and His Kingdom! He will help you to stand in that which He has called you to, and you will be rewarded for your stand.

In the last few years, it has become even more obvious who these ones are, with a reforming spirit and determination to not bow to the pressures of society, culture, status quo, or even religious pressure. We have also seen many bow that we never thought would.

For those who aren't necessarily reformers, but see these truths and want to stand with them, let me encourage you to find these reformers and stand with them, stand behind them and help them as they push forward to reform many things in this hour, both within society and even in the Church as a whole.

Today, I bless these Reformers that have been and are continuing to arise in this hour. May your backbone remain strong, and may you continue to lead a charge for His righteousness and justice to be seen in the earth. May you continue to stand in truth and reject the lies that are being propagated around you. Stand up, stand strong, and may the wind of His Spirit blow fresh air into your sails once again for the cause in which you fight! Reformation is at hand!!! 👇👇👇🔄🔥

An excerpt from the word I originally released on October 31st, 2016. ⬇️⬇️⬇️

I heard the Lord say...

"These that I am raising up will have no fear of man, but will have reverential fear of Me alone ~ they will only strive to please My heart, and will listen to My Voice alone! They will burn with a desire to see My truth come forth, to see My light shine in the darkness. They will stand against injustice ~ they will stand against compromise ~ they will walk in My Glory, and be branded with the Fire of My holiness!

They will stand against the altars of Baal that have been raised up, and like Gideon, they will be the ones to tear down even the altars that were raised by their father's house. They will stand for truth, and expose lies ~ they will stand in light, and expose darkness! They will know and expose the difference in the holy and the profane. They will be of every race, of every tribe, of every generation, both male and female.

You will see these Reformers arise in many different spheres of business, in education, in media & arts, in government, and most importantly, in My Church. They have been brought into the Kingdom for such a time as this, and I will raise them up, to lead a revolution among My people, among those in governmental seats, and in many other spheres in the earth, even in the world's systems. Now is the Time....begin to declare: REFORMERS ARISE!!"

So I stand in my place, and I declare: REFORMERS ARISE!! Arise from every corner of the earth, from every wilderness place! Arise and take your place...Arise and bring the Reformation and Awakening that is so needed in this hour! Arise in courageous boldness and take back the territory the enemy has stolen! Arise and Shine!!!

All for Him,

Amanda Shiflett ~ Prophetic Reformer

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