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You need to be aware of where we are & what time it is! #TimesAndSeasons #PrayAndPrepare #BetweenTheStraits

Many in the body of Christ have been in a time of spiritual warfare, a time where the Bible says the spring months "when Kings go out to war" (2 Samuel 11:1, Month of Sivan). As this season comes to an end, I know many were hoping that we would have a time of reprieve, rest, and no fighting...

But alas, instead of rest we are now entering "the straits", a time of pressing, a time of squeezing and pressure! This will not be for everyone, but many of God's prophetic people have and will feel this during this time.

As of this past Saturday, July 16th, on the 17th day of Tammuz, we have officially entered the 3 week time on the Hebrew calendar known as Bein Ha-Metzarim. This translates in English to Between the "Narrow Places" or "Between the Straits". It is referred to by some as "Between the Dire Straits". (The name derives from Lamentations 1:3 in the original Hebrew.)

This 3 week period will end on the 9th of Av, which will end on sundown Saturday, Aug 6th. Traditionally, this is a time of mourning and repentance for the Jewish people, as it was on the 9th of Av, that the temple in Jerusalem was destroyed...not once, but twice! 587 BC and then again in 70 AD on the exact same day. There have also been many other tragedies and "dire" distresses that have befallen Israel and the Jewish people on this day throughout history. You may wonder why? More about that in a moment. First, more about these "straits" we've entered into.

A strait in the natural is a narrow passageway through a body of water, sometimes difficult to pass through. This time has been historically a time that can be difficult to pass through.

Even though we are not Jewish, we must understand that we are still affected by everything that happens on the Hebrew calendar, which is God's calendar. Everyone in the world is affected by what happens to God's chosen people, and this is especially true for Christians, who have been grafted in.

Many of God's people, specifically those who are prophetic in nature, will begin to sense and feel this time of pressure or "pressing" in the spirit realm, this passing through the "narrow straits", and many prophetic people may be feeling the pressing and pressure of this season already, although it usually intensifies during this 3 week period, and the closer we come to the 9th of Av. This is usually because of what is going on in the spirit realm during this time.

It is a time of pressing through to enter into the promises that the Lord has for you in the upcoming months, and even what He has for you in the New Year, or Rosh Hashanah, which happens in the Fall.

This is not a time to get into doubt or fear, but to remain in faith, in much prayer, and trusting in the Lord to see us through to the other side. This is also a time to repent for any doubt or unbelief that we have allowed ourselves to get into during this past season of warfare.

The month of Av is usually known as the month you metamorphose or disintegrate, one of the two. This is the month the Lion roars. (Amos 3:8) This is the month where God allows destruction, so He can rebuild.

Here is an excerpt from the book "A Time To Advance" by Chuck Pierce and Robert Heidler, which explains a little bit of the history of the month of Av:

"The 9th of Av was the day the people of Israel chose to receive the negative report of the 10 spies and refused to enter the Promised Land. This date was also marked by the destruction of both the first and second Temples in Jerusalem. If you study the history of the Jews, you discover that the Jews are caught in a cycle of destruction. Every year on the 9th of Av, a window of destruction opens over them. On the 9th of Av, Israel chose to listen to the voice of UNBELIEF!

So, the month of Av was originally intended to be the month that Israel entered the Promised Land. God’s plan had been that every year Av would be a month to celebrate His goodness. God designed Av to be the month to celebrate entering into the Promise. But instead of believing God, the people agreed with unbelief and gave a negative confession. They said: “The enemy is too strong for us. We will all die!” They tasted the FRUIT of the land but refused to enter. They held back in unbelief and by doing that, they put themselves under a curse.

Because of their sin on that date, Israel spent forty years in the wilderness. At the end of that time, God, in His grace, gave them a second chance to enter. (God is the God of second chances!)

But they never truly repented of the sin. So every year the cycle comes back around, and the window of destruction opens again.

But the Word assures us that one day Israel will turn and believe in Jesus as Messiah. Like Israel in Joshua’s day, a future generation will enter in; when that happens, the 9th of Av curse will finally be broken.

God still wants Av to be a month of blessing and celebration of His goodness. Av is a month that presents us with a CHOICE! So receive His Promise and mix it with FAITH this month!

Av is associated with the constellation of Leo (the lion). This is the month the Lion roars (Amos 3:8). This is one of the most incredible prophetic months. When the Lion roars, a prophetic covering is created. Amos 3 is about unlocking what is above you and the sound that begins to resound in the earth realm. Av is the month for the Divine will of the Father to be executed. God allows things to be destroyed so He can rebuild." (End of Excerpt)

I want to encourage you now, that you must not give up, just before your breakthrough! A shift happens in the spirit realm during this time, and the faithful ones are the ones who will receive their promise. Let's also allow this to be a time of repentance and retrospect, so we will be prepared to fully step into what the Lord has for us in this next season.

Don't loose heart during the pressing time, but remain in FAITH, that the Lord is moving on your behalf, and you are about to break out and move into many of the things He has promised! It is time to trust the Lord to lead you into your promised land, and see His will come to pass in your life!

This is also a time to remember and pray for Israel, and pray for the peace of His people, especially with all that is going on in Gaza during this time! Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!🙏🇮🇱

Standing with you,

Amanda Shiflett - Prophetic Reformer

~Prophetic Art by James Nesbit~

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