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🩺"AS THE GREAT PHYSICIAN, I AM COMING TO MAKE HOUSE CALLS!" 🩺 #GreatPhysician #DivineHealing #HouseCalls #JehovahRapha

"It is time to prepare and expect for the Great Physician to do 'house calls'!" 🏠🥼

I released this word last year, during the throes of the pandemic. As I have been noticing that many people, and their families, are continuing to deal with this horrible sickness, as well as other illnesses, this word has been coming back up in my spirit for several weeks.

I have truly sensed that many have not been looking to the Lord as their Great Physician as much as they need to, but instead are only seeking treatment in the natural realm. Although I do believe that we should do all we can in the natural in regards to healing, I do not feel that is the primary or only thing we are to do. Let me admonish you to truly seek the Lord in this hour, and focus in on receiving your healing from Him. Take communion and recieve healing in the elements. Our Great Physician wants to visit you, and make you whole! Also, as we are told to in James 5, let us call for the elders (leaders) in the body, to pray the prayer of faith and anoint with oil...that the sick may be healed. 🙏

I heard the Lord say ~

"As the Great Physician, I am coming to do 'house calls' again. In the houses of My people, I will visit them, and I will begin to heal those who have not been able to receive healing, in their innermost parts, in their souls and in their bodies!

"What man cannot do, I, the Great Physician, can do. Nothing is impossible with Me...if you only believe! What physicians, medical staff, and even counselors and therapists see as hopeless, chronic or acute, I see as only something to drive out and be removed. I have already done all the work, as I paid the price for their healing with the stripes I took...but now it is time for many to know Me as this, to receive from Me as this: their Great Physician who has come to heal them. I am Jehovah-Rapha, the God who heals you! I am Jehovah-Jireh, the God who provides all that is needed!

"It is time for My people to expect the healing that I have already paid for to begin to manifest in their bodies, and allow My Spirit to drive sickness and disease from their lives, their homes and their families."

Receiving His healing,

Amanda Shiflett ~ Prophetic Reformer

Click HERE to read this full article as it was published in Charisma.

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