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FOR THE MANY THAT ARE FEELING THE INTENSE WARFARE IN THIS SEASON...⚔🙏🏻 #ConflictOfThrones #Warfare #Focus After feeling led to post the Charisma article that I released from earlier this year, many have said they are feeling some intense attacks. Myself and other friends who are prophets or highly prophetic have been feeling this as well. I just found out yesterday that Charisma even shared this article, but I feel the Lord brought it back up for now, as many have been under tremendous spiritual warfare, specifically emotionally and mentally. 📰 Everyone is feeling a bit different in this season. All of this is new and strange. Some, however, are feeling it more than others. They feel the heaviness in the atmosphere, the spiritual warfare all around. No, you are not crazy with what you are feeling and sensing. The heaviness you feel, the intense warring in the atmosphere over the last few weeks, even the physical things. It is very real! Many are feeling it intensely... especially those within the prophetic. We feel many things very intensely! There is surely a "conflict of thrones" going on in the heavenlies, even in the very atmosphere around us. Who will be "crowned" in our lives, in our homes? I will esteem and crown Him and Him alone, the One who is WORTHY of it all! 🙌🏻⚔ All other "crowns" must bow to His crown! 🙇‍♂️🙇‍♀️👑 Those within the prophetic...prophets, as well as those who function strongly in prophecy and prophetic intercession - NOW is the time for you to focus as never before! #SetLikeFlint Many of you are feeling things much stronger than others around you, as you feel what others cannot...that battle that is raging in the spirit. You feel the peace of the Lord overall during this season, but also the intense warfare trying to steal the peace that comes from Shiloh. This has increased for many as we come to the full moon tonight, as the witchcraft intensifies for many during this time also, with their rituals etc., and especially coming up to Passover beginning tomorrow. The heaviness and warfare many are feeling is not "just you". Some are even feeling it physically. I have fought this for the last few weeks, and Darin and I both have fought it over the last few days. Do not let the enemy tell you that you are losing it. Do not give into doubt, fear, and the lies of the enemy. Pray in the spirit; continue to worship; continue to focus your gaze on the Master, the King of all Kings! Take time to rest in Him. Push through this time, clothed in His peace, and FOCUS YOUR GAZE on the One who has overcome! He will see you through! 👀🙏🏻🙇‍♀️🙇‍♂️ Praying for all who are struggling during this time! 🙏🏻💜 Standing with you, Amanda Shiflett - Prophetic Reformer 

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