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Unfortunately, in the current prophetic movement, there are some "doomsday prophets" and "judgement/wrath prophets", who only release words that say it is "the end of the world", that "Armageddon" is coming next week, etc...or that God is getting ready to send everyone to hell, that His wrath (no mercy) is getting ready to be poured out on the world/a nation/certain people/His church etc. From these we should steer clear, and definitely not listen to. This is not the heart of God, nor is it from His full council. He is both Abba (adoring daddy) and Father (disciplinarian); He is both just Judge and merciful, loving God. Anyone who leans towards only one, to the neglect of the other, is not seeing from the full council of God. BUT then...there are His "Ezekiel watchmen prophets", who see things coming before they do, and as watchmen on the walls, they must warn - for prayer, for repentance, for intercession, for preparation, and to expose what the enemy is going to try to do. Let's make sure we don't confuse these two groups. God is and has been raising up His Ezekiel "watchmen" prophets in this hour, and if we aren't careful, we will miss what He is revealing through them, because we assume they are in the first group who want God's wrath to be poured out, or that they are a "doom and gloom" prophet. They cannot help what they see, hear, and sense...although it must all be allowed to process through His grace and mercy, knowing that He is our Father and He will take care of His own. Most of the prophets in the OT, and yes even some in the New, would have been considered "doomsday" or judgement prophets to many in the body of Christ today. One I love to point out is Agubus in the book of Acts, who stands up in the assembly and declares that a famine is coming...not to bring fear, not to say "We're all going to die!", or because he was a "doom and gloom" prophet. He said it because He saw it, and the Lord showed it to him so they could prepare for what was coming, which they did...enough for them and to send some food to other churches also. What a great testimony of a God who loves and cares for His children. Again...let's make sure in this hour, when "unprecedented" things are happening throughout the earth, that we don't begin to throw stones at the ones God is truly talking to, simply because we prefer not to hear their message. What would have happened if the church as a whole would have listened to the prophets who declared last year, and some even before that, that there was a "plague" coming? How more could we, as the body of Christ, have been prepared for what we are now walking through...with much more grace and certainty? As I've been saying for some time...there is much to #pray and #prepare for. Not a time of fear, but a time to know our God, and trust that He will take care of His children. We still badly need a #prophetic #reformation! In prayer, Amanda Shiflett - Prophetic Reformer 

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