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I wanted to share some photos and recap our powerful time together almost 2 weeks ago, as we took our place and stood "in the gap" to pray for this region where KY, TN, and VA come together, which is where the Cumberland Gap is!  There were small pop-up showers that happened throughout our time there, some even seemingly coming out of a blue sky with sunshine pouring down. 😊🙌☔ We felt it was a sign of the outpouring that is coming to this region.  As I came into KY from TN, I began to see several things that I knew were connected. First, for those who remember what the Lord had given me about TN, the Lord began to speak about similar things for KY, and the link between the 2 states. I will share more of this later. If you remember, I had a deluge of showers yet mostly blue skies in TN. Well, the same happened several different times in KY, only this time there were a number of very bright rainbows along the way. As I continued my drive through Kentucky, I was met with some amazing lightning storms...honestly more intense than I have probably ever seen in my life! When arriving at the home of those who would be hosting me for the next few days, I asked them if this type of intense lightning storm was normal for this region , and they all assured me that it was not. I sensed that this was related to the conflict in the heavenlies that is going on for this region.⚡⚡⚡⛈

The next day as we gathered for the assignment at the Cumberland Gap pinnacle, we prayed for the connection and divine assignment for these 3 States. We came into agreement for the awakening, revival, and transformation of this entire region, and then even further throughout the entire Appalachian territory. There are many strongholds here, but also a rich and deep well of revival that I know the Lord is wanting to be released again!  As one of the primary gateways to the western part of the nation, we had much of a sense that there were several things that had clogged the "Gateway". We prayed for strategy to know exactly what all needs to be done to help clear this gap. We decreed the prophetic destinies (from Releasing the Prophetic Destiny of a Nation book) that have already been declared specifically over these states to come to fruition, and that they would join together in unity to see His Kingdom coming to past here! 

There were many more things that were declared and prayed, and many other things that happened, and I will share more as I feel led to. There is now talk of having a monthly gathering of prayer warriors from all 3 states at the Cumberland Gap...PTL! He is faithful!! 😀🙌

 Thank you all for praying for us during this amazing time! For those who would still like to sow into the assignments that the Lord has us on, you can do that by going our website on and clicking on Donate at the top of the page. 🙏 All For Him, Amanda Shiflett ~ Prophetic Reformer 

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