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WHEN THE TRUE GLORY (KABOD) SHOWS UP!✨🔥🙇 This is something I've discussed before, but I wanted to talk about it again, as I feel it is greatly needed.

Let's be clear...when the true Glory of God shows up, when His Kabod (heavy, weighty, Presence) comes in the room, pretty much everyone will be on their face before Almighty God! I've been in this type of Glory many times, and believe me, it is hard to move, and at times even breathe! It is intense, but truly "glorious"! There is also a weighty holiness and fear of the Lord that accompanies His true Glory. Just one moment in that kind of Shekinah Glory will change your life forever! Those jumping up to take *pics or videos of the "glory dust" and/or "glory cloud" that's floating around, or other such manifestations, are not experiencing the true GLORY of God. And yes...I have experienced the gold dust and glory cloud as the Lord manifested His Presence in a place, but that wasn't the main thing. The main focus was the manifestation of HIM, and I was undone, as was everyone there! When His true Glory comes, even if those things do appear, they aren't the focus, and most could care less about them because HE is there! Go read in scripture what happens every time His Glory is awe-filled, weighty, and all consuming! 🙏🔥 These other things that people are claiming to be "The Glory" without these characteristics, are not the Glory but some cheap substitute of the awesome Glory of God. If it is the "Glory" at all, it is only a small fraction, or they would never be able to react in that way. The sad thing is, this is what many are being told "the Glory" is, and they don't know the difference, because they've never truly experienced it. It is not some cheap parlor trick. The enemy can mimick all of those other things, so that is not the "telling" sign that His true Glory is there. The true Glory is the Presence of the Almighty Jehovah God of the Universe! His Glory is not just a manifestation of some things that come from the heavenly realm, but His Glory is His Manifested Presence, it's who He is! When He steps in, the entire atmosphere is charged with ALL that He is, and we become undone, as Isaiah was in chapter 6. We bow, we worship, we see who we are in the Presence of such a Holy and Magnificent God! Please don't be fooled into what many are calling His Glory, when it is not. Wait and seek for the real deal...don't settle for a cheap substitute. 😉 ✨I prophesy that we are coming into a time, where there will begin to be a clear distinction between the True Glory of God and that which is being called the glory of God. The Lord is going to take back His Glory, and for those with eyes to see and ears to hear in the Spirit, it will become clearly manifested what is Him and what is not! Ask Him for discernment to see what is truly Him! ✨His glory is not something to be substituted, mimicked, or merchandised. It is a holy and awesome thing, and it brings with it the fear of the Lord, which is the beginning of all wisdom. Lord help us to see and KNOW your True Glory!🔥🙏 *Side note: many of those pics have been doctored or photoshopped. My husband and I work in design and graphics, and can usually tell a "doctored" photo. 😏 

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