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Time to walk in FULL FREEDOM! 🚶🔗👿🚫 What I hear some Christians say: "They don't need deliverance, they simply need to learn to renew their mind! No need to address the demonic...they're free from that once they are saved, it's all in their mind/flesh!"👤 What I know and have seen HUNDREDS of times: Many times, good Christians (including myself once) struggle with the ability to fully renew their mind in some ways, and struggle to "overcome" certain strongholds and walk into our destiny, because there is a Strongman present (Fear, Rage, Perversion, Bondage/Addiction, Heaviness, etc) that is keeping them in a viscious cycle. Even when they bind it, try to read & apply the Word, and try to walk in the statues of the Lord, they are continually pulled back into the cycle that they have always been in..and many times, the same cycle their families have been in for generations. What is needed: Once you deal with the root (open door 🚪) that has allowed the demonic access into their lives, then they become free, able to fight the enemy themselves, renew their mind, and break curses that have plagued generations. Sometimes the open doors are ones they have opened themselves with behaviors, and sometimes they were opened generations before with actions from their ancestors. These are generational iniquites. Close the doors, identify what Strongmen are functioning and get rid of them, teach them how to keep them out and how to renew their mind daily, and you will begin to see real freedom in people's lives. Alternative: A bunch of bound-up, jacked-up, weak and tormented "Christians" that continue to struggle with the same sins and iniquities that the world does. It's not completely their fault though..they've been told "whom the sons sets free is free indeed!", but the sad part is, they know deep down that they are not fully free. What do you have? ▶65-80% of Ministers and Christians alike addicted to pornography and bound by the spirit of perversion & whoredom! 😏 ▶Christians struggling with huge amounts of anxiety, depression, panic, rejection, fear, infirmity, etc, etc, etc. 😞😣😩😖 ▶Christians who are trying to convince the world that they want what we have. Why would they, if they don't see us overcoming, but struggling with the same stuff? This is a part of what Christ paid for, and this is what we deserve and have access to...full freedom! Time to get the devil out, be filled with the Spirit of the Lord, and walk into our destinies with full #FREEDOM!! 🕊🙌 #Healing #Deliverance #DestinyCalling #NowIsTheTime 🔗🙌🕛

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