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~ A word for God's remnant army ~  By Amanda Shiflett  "It happened in the spring of the year, at the time when kings go out to war..." 

~ 1 Chron.20:1 There are several things converging today that make it a very strategic and amazing day!🙌 Today begins the first day of Spring, which is also a full moon tonight...BUT, this evening at sunset until tomorrow at sunset, is also the Festival of Purim. 🌕🔄 #Turnaround This is a time when the Jews celebrate the time in history when, encouraged by her Uncle Mordecai, Queen Esther fasted, prayed, and pleaded for her and her people...and saw a great turnaround for them all! I believe it is divinely strategic that this Festival of Purim is falling on the first day of spring this year! This is a Divine set up for God's people! Spring is the time when Kings go out to war! Spring is the time when we fight for what God has promised us, and gain ground that the enemy has tried to hinder us from! This is a time when we are shifting from one season into another, from the cold, hard, barren season of winter, into the fruitful, life-giving, restoration time of Spring! 🐣🐦☀🌱🌼🌷🙌 Now along with this amazing time of Spring, I believe the Festival of Purim is happening on this day, to position us in a strategic time to see breakthrough from the enemy's plans that have tried to thwart us throughout this last season! Many of God's remnant people, and especially His leaders, have had much delay, push back, and difficulty throughout the last season(s). The enemy seems to have been pushing back from every direction, to keep you at a standstill, to keep you from taking that which has been promised to you. I believe now is the time for breakthrough and turnaround! I know, I know...prophetic people say "breakthrough" and "turnaround" all the time, but I seriously sense this in this hour! I rarely say things like this, and only when I KNOW this is what the Lord is saying and doing! There is a stirring in the atmosphere that I can almost tangibly feel! It is like a Divine whirlwind (turnaround!) that the Lord is sending for His people, to propel them forward into that which He has promised and divinely set up for them! The enemy has done all that he can to hinder and thwart their progress, but the Lord is sending His Angelic host to create a whirlwind that will push back the enemy, and allow God's people to move forward into what He has for them! I heard the Lord say that this whirlwind He is sending will create a vortex of confusion that will send them scattering! That which he has planned will be turned on him! 🌪🌀 Just as Haman (the enemy of our souls) thought he had won in his strategy against us (Mordecai), there was a divine and strategic turnaround! The very place where he had set up and plotted our demise, will be the very place where he will hang...the place of his own demise! It's a Divine Turnaround that the enemy didn't see coming! (see Esther 7:8-10) A prophetic friend of mine sent me a wonderful personal word this morning, and in it she quoted this verse from Proverbs 26:27, that I know is a verse for this hour of turnaround of the enemies plans ~ "Whoever digs a pit will fall into it, and he who rolls a stone will have it roll back on him." The enemy is about to fall into his own pit, and the stone he is trying to roll on us, is going to roll back on him! But remember, that is not all that we celebrate at Purim. Part of what the turnaround was at that time, was the King's decree that the people could fight back against those that would try to destroy them. The enemy was still able to come to a certain degree, but the people were strengthened supernaturally by the Lord, and were able to push back the enemy that was attempting to destroy them and take what was theirs. 🔄 Although the Lord is sending His angels to war on our behalf, He is also strengthening us for the battle at hand, and He is giving us the authority that we need to fight the enemy that is trying to displace and annihilate us! Part of the turnaround, is us turning around and pushing back on the enemy that has been pushing us back and hindering our advancement. Now is the time...for us to war for our inheritance, possess the land, and see the enemy pushed back at the gate! For God's remnant army that have been hindered & delayed, and are needing major breakthrough, let me encourage you, today & tomorrow: 📍Fast and Pray for the breakthrough that is at hand. This will help strengthen you spiritually! 📍Receive and declare that you are also receiving the supernatural strengthening to push the enemy back in this hour! 📍Begin to declare that the enemies plans are being thwarted, that there is a Divine turnaround in your life and/or ministry! 📍Begin to declare that you are receiving the assistance from the angels of the Lord that he is sending, and you are partnering with them to see this turnaround happen! 📍Begin to declare that the Whirlwind of the Lord is being released, to propel you forward, and to push back and cause confusion to the enemy's army! 

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