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I have always had a bit of a concern/issue with those who give words to everyone on their feed, Live video, etc. I honestly believe much of what they are giving is simply what is in the person's heart, not what the Lord is saying. Can I give a word to everyone..yes, usually if I tap into the prophetic I can, but I refuse to push the Spirit where He is not going. Many may know how to prophesy or give a prophetic word nowadays, but most have never been taught the basics of the prophetic.

Rule #1- Just because you can prophesy to someone, doesn't mean you should! Is the Spirit leading you to do it, or are you simply pulling on the gift?? Too much of what I see going on, is not the spirits moving but the flesh. Too much within the prophetic is someone pulling on what the person being prophesied over wants or has been seeing in their own heart. You can pick up on things in the soul as well as the spirit. Also, sadly, some are actually picking up on what is being fed to them by familiar spirits. 😏 We need to return back to a pure flow of the spirit within the prophetic, and being able discern what spirit we are receiving from. This needs to be taught just as much as "How To Prophesy" is! 

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