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Although I grieve at the loss of life and property due to the intense snow storm in the UK, Poland, and many other countries of Europe, and I pray for all those affected...I can't help but be excited about what this means prophetically for the continent of Europe. Many of you remember the word I gave earlier this year about the reformation that was coming to many parts of this great continent. I believe this is a sign of it's coming in a huge way! (Read previous word about European Reformation HERE ) Just as it did with the major snow that has hit the US this winter season, the intense snow that is hitting much of Europe right now is representing a movement of purity and holiness that will return to the body of Christ in many countries of Europe in this new era. We will see this happen in a major way in the UK, as this revival of holiness, purity, and a fear of the Lord will be displayed in great force in the United Kingdom in weeks and months to come, just as it will in the US.🇬🇧🇺🇸 I see evangelists of holiness rising up in this region, and the fear of the Lord will once again rock the people of God in Europe, and most especially in the UK. A purity will return, and along with the return of the fear of the Lord, healings, signs and wonders will break out in a tremendous way! Get ready Europe, for #REFORMATION and #REVIVAL are upon you! ❄💨🔥 #Purity #Holiness #Europe #UnitedKingdom

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