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⏩WORD OF THE LORD FOR HOUSTON, TX AND SURROUNDING AREA...❄🌊🐍 #Prophetic #Cleansing #Purifying #Snow The first picture is of my Mom and step-dad's subdivision in North Houston, TX. They had unprecedented snow there last night, and woke up to this beautiful scene this morning! My step-dad told my Mom that he doesn't remember seeing this much snow in Houston in his 55 years of being there...especially this early in the season. It's not even officially winter yet! This made me think of something else he mentioned that was historic. Earlier this year, when there was record flooding in Houston, he said he didn't remember there being that much rain in the Houston area since he had lived there. Hmm...very interesting to have both of these things happen in the same year in this same area! Earlier this year, when Hurricane Harvey was bearing down on Houston and the surrounding southeast Texas area, I released a word of what the Lord was speaking to me about the storm and it's significance to this region. I also sent a word privately to several leaders in that area, specifically regarding Houston and Corpus Christi. In the private word, I specified that I did feel the storm was coming as a warning to Houston and Corpus Christi, and felt that it had to do with several things that are going on in that area. One of the main things that I felt the Lord was speaking about strongly, was the need for an exposing of human trafficking and drug trafficking between Mexico, Corpus Christi, and then coming into Houston, and being dispersed throughout the state and the nation. I had no way of knowing that this was going on, but afterwards had several from that area confirm that this was in fact a major issue in this area. Immediately after the storm, many will remember that there was an explosion of snakes and alligators that were being "uprooted" and diaplaced in these areas. I heard from the Lord that this was a sign of the "storm" that was coming that would begin to displace the demonic strongholds in this area. I will be releasing a separate word speaking more about this sign very soon. So why am I telling you all of this now? This is a prophetic sign of what the Lord is doing in this area in Texas. The storm was not necessarily sent by the Lord, but it was a prophetic sign of what is happening. The storm forced snakes and reptiles (see pics below) to be exposed, and therefore dealt with. This speaks of the demonic that is being and will continue to be exposed and must be dealt with in this region. The historic flooding that took place represents the cleansing that the Lord is doing. Now there is snow, which rarely if ever happens in Houston, and SE Texas, especially in early December. This snow represents a purification that the Lord is going to bring about for this entire region. The Lord is exposing, cleansing, and purifying His Body in this region, and we will see a pure remnant come forth from Southeast Texas that will walk in unprecedented purity in their call...they have been cleasnsed and survived the storms that have come in this last season, and this will allow them to walk in unprecedented power and authority also. Be are going to see amazing things come from the Southeast region of Texas in this next season! 🙌🌟 

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