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⏩🔄Below is something I posted last year that came up in my memories today, and it is more relevant than ever! The Lord has truly been raising up many authentic Apostles in this last year...and sadly, also exposing many who are not pure and authentic, or those who's motives have become tainted. We all need to be aware & careful to discern the difference in true and false apostolic, as it can at times be difficult to see clearly where someone's heart motive is, especially if, at one time, it was pure. Sadly, many who start with pure motives begin to be pulled away into deception and their motives become polluted. I am continuing to pray for the Lord to expose and separate the authentic from the false, or that which is not real, genuine, and pure. I am also praying for healing and restoration for those who have been wounded and hurt in the false apostolic that has occurred. It is as damaging as the false prophetic has ever been, and has resulted in many casualties and much unnecessary fallout in the Kingdom. I truly believe the Lord is getting ready to reform the Apostolic function within His body once again, and bring purity and balance where there has been impure motives and imbalance in structure and function. His "plumbline" is truly being dropped in this season! Original post ~ ❇THE MARK OF TRUE APOSTLES❇ The subject of a true Apostle is both deep and wide. They play various roles, and come in various forms of the office, based on the assignment the Lord has called them to in any given season. That being said, we should realize that, at the heart of a biblically-defined Apostle, there are certain vital traits and characteristics. There are also traits and characteristics that are NOT those of a true Apostolic leader. True Apostles are ones who are raising up mature leaders, equipping them for their assignment in the Kingdom. True Apostles serve the destinies of those that are aligned with them...NOT simply calling for others to serve their destiny and vision. True Apostles actually care about those that are in alignment with them. They work with them, cry with them, rejoice with them, and do life with them. They invest time and care into those that the Lord has sent them to steward. They are more concerned with building relationships than they are with building a "network". Although networks are fine in their place, when they take the place of true relationship and true equipping, then they have lost the very essence of being apostolic. Not everyone who declares themselves to be an "Apostle" has a true apostolic calling. Do not believe someone is an apostle, simply because they say they are, or because they are "popular" or they like to put their name or title out there. The bible says you will know them by their fruit...and by their love. And may I add, lasting fruit, not temporary fruit that looks good for a time, but has no real substance. 🍏🍒🍇🍓 ❤💚 If they are not developing spiritually mature leaders, if they are not raising others up into their destinies and equipping them for the ministry that God has called them to, then they are not a true Apostle. If they don't know how to actually love and care for those who are serving with them, then they are not truly functoning in an Apostlic call. Sometimes, people want to declare themselves an Apostle before they have even sat under an Apostle...before they have served under one, before they have been trained, and before they have learned what it actually means to be a God-ordained Apostle of God. These people may have a true apostolic call, but they lack the training, time, and authority that is necessary to make them an Apostle. If all someone cares about is building their own ministry/kingdom/name, then they are not a true Apostle called by God, but simply one named by man. Too many want to be called an Apostle because it is the popular or "cool" title to have. It is what is "trending" right now. They want the title of Apostle simply because they feel it raises them to a different level, it makes them more important, or makes them the "set one" over a particular sphere. Simply put, many want to be the one in charge, with others catering to or serving them and their ministry. In this hour, however, God is beginning to raise up many true Apostles, and He will also be exposing those who are not. Some began well, but have compromised along the way. The true Apostles who are arising will have a heart to equip His body, and specifically have a heart for those who are aligned with them, to see them come into their destiny and purpose. They know that it's as much about the team around them, as it is about them. They don't feel the need to make someone else's gift lower, just to make their gifting seem higher. They are not concerned with making a name for themselves, but more for making His name greater, and seeing His Kingdom advance. This is the hour for the True Apostolic to Arise! This is the hour for the Generals in the Kingdom to rise up and take their place! ⬆🙌⏳💫 #TrueApostolic #ApostolicArising #BewareOfTheFalse #FiveFoldMinistry #EquippingTheSaints #NowIsTheTime #Reformation 

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