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🔄Prodigals & Waywards Returning🔄

As I shared this picture with an earlier post, someone commented and asked for a prayer of agreement that their prodigal would repent and return. As I released an agreement prayer for that, I sensed the Lord begin to speak... "Declare that the prodigals & wayward ones will be awakened in this next season, that they will come to themselves...that they will repent and return to their Father that is desperately wanting them to come home! Pray for My Spirit of Repentance to once again sweep the land!" So I declare here what I sensed the Lord is saying for this Kairos time...that within this season of Teshuva, this 40 day season of repenting and returning, those who have gone far away from the Lord, will come to themselves wherever they are! I declare they will "repent and return" to the Father's house of blessing! Lord, let Your Spirit of repentance sweep throughout this land, and in the nations of the world, and may those who have gone far away will repent, turn from their ways, and return to You! I declare the lies that they have bought into will begin to crumble, that they will begin to reckon with truth, and that truth will make them free! I declare their awakening and reckoning will cause those chains that have bound them to be loosed, and they will walk into freedom! I declare that even the generational iniquities that have held them will be broken in this season! I declare they will begin to walk into the destiny that the Lord has for them! They are needed to be in their place in the Kingdom, for such a time as this, and for His purposes! I call them forth, into the Kingdom, to work for the King in His army! 👑🙌 If you have a prodigal or wayward loved one that has walked away, begin to declare this over them in the next 40 days...don't declare where they are, declare where He wants them to be! 🔄🙏🔥 #ProdigalsReturning #SpiritOfRepentance #Harvest #ItIsTime #ForHisPurpose #ForSuchATimeThis #Awakening #Revival 

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