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So many in our Christian realms, and especially within the prophetic, have gotten caught up in platforms, profit, and prestige... this is never a good place for prophetic people to be, as the pull to "make merchandise" of the gift which God has given becomes too strong.

There is also a pull to continue to "wow the crowds" by producing what isn't being said by Him. It's a supply and demand problem. The people are demanding (or expecting) a word from the prophet, so they feel they must supply. This leads to deception by lying spirits that convince said prophet that it's okay to add in some things that aren't really God, or to give their opinion as if it is a word from Him. They become convinced they are "helping people", and that the ends justifies the means. They also begin to tell the people what they most want to hear, as the pull of maintaining this platform becomes too strong. They are now deceived and begin deceiving many.

I have seen many fall prey to this sad tale...some who were once friends and co-laborers within the prophetic. This saddens me greatly. 😔

This is where we are in much of our social media driven, over-saturated prophetic realm of Christianity. I can't tell you how much I see this within the prophetic today, and how many are being deceived by this...even by some who would call themselves prophetic.

We have lost the fear of the Lord in much of our prophetic circles, and the motives have becomes skewed. There must be a shift. Without a return to a very real fear of the Lord, the prophetic is doomed. Please ask the Holy Spirit to show you the truth about things that maybe you haven't seen, and to show you true motives.

I continue to pray for a #PropheticReformation, as I have for many years. Lord, help Your body! 🙏😢❤️‍🩹

In Him,

Amanda Shiflett ~ Prophetic Reformer

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