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I do not share this to bring fear, as you all know, but to warn, call to prayer and preparation. This is again one of the most intense dreams I have ever had, and I share what I do, as I feel I must. I am only sharing parts of this dream right now, until I feel released to share in more detail.

I say this with all urgency and sincerity...we need to be in major prayer about what is coming, or what is being planned to happen!🙏

This afternoon, I had a very intense and revealing dream about things that are either happening, are going to be happening, or will be attempted. I share this for prayer, and also so others can comment if they have received anything similar.

Today as I was taking a late afternoon nap for about 30-40 mins, I had a dream about Ukraine, Germany, Russia, & Pakistan. I don't feel yet to fully release what I saw and heard, but suffice it to say that there's a lot more going on and a lot more at play, than we know right now. Much is coming, or will be attempted, and it is more than I even imagined! 😳💣💥 ✈


I want to be clear about something...several things that I saw and knew in this dream, I did not know in reality in my own mind once I awoke. I asked my husband, Darin, about these things, as I was confused about why I would have seen/heard certain things as I did regarding these nations, and how they play into what is happening on a global scale. He explained why I probably would have, as there were things in the natural that I did not know that he knew about these nations.

Specifically I was not aware of:

1. Germany and their seeming reluctance to help Ukraine in several ways recently;

2. Pakistan and their standing, military abilities, and why they would be targeted, etc. Perhaps I should know these things, but they weren't things I was aware of when I had the dream.

Please remember that I do not watch the news or see many articles, and definitely did not know in my natural mind that these things could be in play. I am glad I didn't, as that way I know it is the Lord showing me things I could not have known in the natural. I believe too much in the prophetic nowadays is opinion and commentary honestly. Let me say...this is not that! I have no thoughts on this that are my own, as I could not have. I also have no opinion one way or the other, and never would have guessed these things were in play.

Specific Prayer Points: 🙏👇

⚠️ Pray that Russia is not able to put pressure on and cause a break between the alliance that is between Germany and Ukraine. I believe that is key to many things, and was the first part of what I saw in the dream. I knew in the dream that things were in sequential order. First one thing, then another.

☢ Pray that what I saw/knew in the 2nd part of the dream (which I knew was immediately following the first), which was happening with Russia against Pakistan, is thwarted. If it is not, there will be much devastation.

In the dream, we somehow knew this was coming, as I asked Darin at one point "Is it happening??" And he answered "Yes, they are flying over Pakistan right now." This part we knew was happening, not by what we heard on the news, but by some form of secret communication or secret method. I believe this was speaking of us knowing things were coming because the Lord revealed them in secret. (Amos 3:7).

In this part of the dream, before asking Darin the question, I had felt an overall frustration that people had not been heeding or believing what I had been saying/warning about.

After I asked Darin and he answered, I saw/knew was happening in Pakistan in my "minds eye" in the dream, and I knew that we here in America needed to be prepared, as what had happened there, was on it's way here next. I immediately thought in the dream..."Gosh I wished they had listened, but I guess they will have to now". I wasn't happy or smug about this, but resolved.

I want to point out, that I was not afraid, as I knew that we had prepared for this, and knew it was coming. Alarmed maybe, and very intense and purposeful, but not afraid.

Note: In the natural, Darin and I have not prepared for what I saw coming, especially not to that level. I have literally never thought of what I saw happening, not that I can remember. We will now be preparing our hearts, minds, spirits, and in the natural for these things. I will share more what these things are later, as I feel led to.

Please be in prayer with me/us as to the totality of how and who I am to release this to. This feels much more serious than anything I have ever released before, and I do not take this lightly at all.


In prayer & preparation,

Amanda Shiflett ~ Prophetic Reformer

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