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Updated: Mar 14


We will 'spring' into many things this month, and an acceleration will happen that will be even greater than we've seen since January.

March will be a month of great change. A month of shifting. A month of the new bursting forth. A month of shaking (I saw the ground shaking and new buds coming forth from the earth)...that which has laid dormant for some time, will burst forth. This will be in the natural and in the spiritual. If you allow the shaking to break the ground, what has laid dormant in you will begin to burst forth in new ways! 🌱🌿🌳🫛🥦🥬

I believe we will see much happening between March and the end of May this year.

I have sensed more shaking and intensity in events in this time frame specifically...

➡️ There will be significant events here in the U.S. as well as in many other nations, and also how other nations relate to us. Much shifting in governments during this time, some even falling. I saw pieces on a chess board being moved...some pieces being "knocked off", and other pieces placed where those pieces were.♟️🌍

➡️ There will be continued shakings and exposing of many things within His body. I saw even greater shakings within many ministries, and some will truly repent and align themselves with His ways. Only time can tell if change is real. Others will not repent, and will be removed or demolished (the ministries, not the people).

If you have sensed something about a church or ministry, specifically that something is off or not quite right, do not diminish or disbelieve what you have discerned and felt. Do not slander or malign them, do not curse them, but pray for them...but also remove yourself from their sphere & influence. This will be vital in this time. Do not let loyalty to a person/people keep you where He is removing you from.

➡️ A number of very extreme weather and "natural" events will take place also. Intense weather patterns that even the meteorologist will not be able to predict. Pray against outbreaks of tornadoes (multiple ones touching down), and even 'fire tornadoes' (I had to look this one up, because I didn't think it existed). 🤷‍♀️🔥

I saw some of these tornadoes as very large and impacting, and many spawning off of one another. 🌪

I saw many earthquakes, and even volcanos bursting forth in several places.🌋

Pray that all of these things will be at the least diminished, if possible. If not possible, pray for no loss of life or property, especially for God's people! 🙏❤️‍🩹

➡️ There will be significant healings and miracles that will begin to burst forth within the body of Christ. Many who have prayed for years for healing, will suddenly experience the healing process expedited, and some will experience sudden miracles!

Please be prayed up, fast if you can, and hear the Lord on what He is having you to focus on in this time, and also where He is having you to go. Where you go, even trips you make, will be significant during this time, so make sure you are certain He is calling you somewhere if you are going. In the same way, if He is calling you to go somewhere, make sure you do that during this season.

Overall, DO NOT GET INTO FEAR, but pray and declare His divine protection over your family, property, etc, and pray for less damage for your region. Apply the blood & anoint with oil. Pray for less and diminished damage from these events, & no loss of life if possible.🙏✨️🔥 #PrayAndPrepare

We will come through Purim, Passover, & Pentecost during this time, which is always significant, but this year they will be greatly significant. I will share more about these times on God's calendar, and what I am sensing between the 3 of them.

Buckle up folks ~ more of #TheBestOfTimes during #TheWorstOfTimes is coming!

In prayer & preparation,

Amanda Shiflett ~ Prophetic Reformer

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