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Here's something I shared a couple of years ago, but felt to share again, to clarify.😉👇

Although there are many similarities, there is quite a big difference between prophets and those who flow in the gift of prophecy. These differences need to be more understood in the wider body, so I have felt led to share some things that are the primary differences. Not all, but some.

First of all, not all who flow in a high level gift of prophecy are prophets. They can be gifted greatly prophetically, but not carry the mantle of prophet.

Many who function in high level gift of prophecy are continually in a flow of the prophetic, and may have something new from the Lord quite often, as they tap into all that the Lord is saying.

It isn't necessarily that way with prophets.

Many times, prophets are living the words that He gives them, they are having to walk it out. It's not that they can't get into the flow of what the Lord is saying prophetically at any given time, but they are usually a bit too focused on the weightier, heavier things that the Lord is revealing and speaking about, and they are usually having to walk out those words in reality. This can be quite intense, and takes a lot of energy and effort. Many times, the Lord will keep them on a particular theme or word for some time, until they feel the full weight of it, and they will be required to walk it out. In many ways, they become the word and the word becomes a part of them. Their life is actually a prophecy in and of itself.

Prophets are focused on what He is saying for the big picture, and not always what He is saying for just the moment. They simply can't be. They must focus on the weighty things that the Lord is revealing for His church, the world, and the nations of the world. Their scope is much more expanded, and it takes a lot of "RAM" to process on that level, if that makes sense?

That's not to say that what the highly prophetic person is speaking is not important, because it is, but it will simply be for a different sphere, and for a different time frame. They also may not feel the words as intensely as the prophet does, nor will they necessarily have to walk the words out and live them.

The mantle of the prophet is a weighty one, and they feel and experience it on an intense level as they move with it. This makes them much more focused when they have been given a mandate or heavy word from the Lord to walk out.

So please don't confuse the prophets silence with "nothing to say", or for lack of hearing from the Lord. Many times, their silence means they are hearing quite a bit actually. For certain, they have many things to say, but not everything are they allowed to say, and sometimes they are simply processing what the Lord is showing them in the bigger picture and larger scale, and figuring out how to parce that out, and what He is wanting them to do with what they see, hear, and perceive.

The weightier the word, the longer it takes to process, and the more careful the prophet is with how they release it. They feel the weight of heaven on it, and many times, even a great fear of the Lord on the things they see and hear.

Can I be honest? I believe we have many people in the body who think they are prophets, and even other people may think they are prophets, but they are actually simply highly gifted in prophecy. I believe there are way fewer actual prophets than we realize, who are called to walk out and live the words they speak, and have a mantle of prophet on their life.

The scriptures say that any and all may function in the gift of prophecy, and we should even covet to prophesy. It is a wonderful and very useful gift in the body. But not all can be a prophet, nor does it tell us to covet to be a prophet. We should be very careful before declaring someone is a prophet, or before declaring we ourselves are one. Many can prophesy, but not as many are prophets. This is something that needs to be understood more within the prophetic realm!

Holy Spirit, teach us what we need to know concerning this very important subject..and let us recognize the difference in those who are prophetic and those who are truly prophets.


Amanda Shiflett - Prophetic Reformer

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